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Starting a business website or a blog takes a lot of planning and strategy, a big part of that is your Branding and Visual Strategy. You have come to the right place!

I can help with your Branding Scheme or even just your logo, the choice is up to you! Maybe you are undertaking a rebranding? I’d love to help you figure it out so that it represents your business in the best light possible.

I believe in the importance of a well thought out Visual Strategy and for that to work, we need to communicate as clearly as possible. Tell me what you need, and I will help! If you still aren’t sure what you need, let’s talk about it!

Scroll down to see my Design Services that will help create your killer Visual Strategy

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You need a


The Most important Building Block for your Business.

Starting at 200$

The FULL Logo Pack

Your logo in the following formats

  • Rectangular (headers, newsletters, letterheads)
  • Square that fits in a circle (Social Media)
  • Simplified Brandmark (for watermarking photographs)
  • All in Transparent PNG and white background JPG
  • In color and in greyscale

The SIMPLE Logo Pack

Your logo in the following formats

  • Square that fits in a circle
  • In Transparent PNG and white background JPG

You need 


Your Branding needs to be on your Website, Social Media and Letterheads.

Starting at 100$

The Social Media HEADER Pack

Pick as many Social Media Channels as you like and I will create a Header for each one according to your Brand.

You have two options:

  • One header for each Social Media Channel (pick as many as you like).


  • A Personalized Header Template for each Social Media Channel that you pick (this option lets you change the Header according to seasons or special promotions)

Pick one or more of these Social Media Channels

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin Company Page
  • Google+ Profile
  • Google+ Business Page
  • Pinterest Board covers

You need 


Branded and Personalized Blog Graphics will make your content recognizable on Social Media

Starting at 150$

What are Personalized Graphics?

Personalized graphics are the graphics in your blog that will be shared on social media. For example the Featured Image goes to FB and Twitter. These are branded according to your blog and are easily customizable to be used over and over. Made specially for you. No more generic templates.


Featured Image (Facebook + Twitter)

  • Blog Post Title Graphics


  • Pinnable graphics, Long pins, Infographics


  • Customizable Square graphics

Pick one or more of these Social Media Channels

  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

All Personalized Blog and Social Media graphics include:

  • 5 designs with variations
  • Icons, photos and illustrations
  • A library of assets to use as you wish
  • All set up in a customizable folder in the editor of your choosing. Canva, Photoshop, Pixelmator…

You need 


Business Cards, Brochures, Product Labels, Promotional Postcards and more!

Prices depend on your project, as for a quote!

What is your Printed Material?

Let me know what you need!

  • Business Cards
  • Product Labels
  • Stickers
  • Promotional Postcards
  • Letterheads
  • Posters
  • Brochures

All Printed Material Files Include:

  • Designs in EPS and PDF formats
  • All colors in CMYK
  • Bleed Lines or Cut Lines if you printer needs them
  • The exact size you need

Get your Designs!

Doy you need a logo? A full Branding Scheme? A Re-Branding? Some Headers for your Social Media? If you already have a brand scheme, all you need do is send me your specs and I can design your new visuals.

Send me a message letting me know what you need and I’ll get back to you right away with a quote so we can get you sorted with a Killer Visual Strategy!