5 easy to remember tips for better blog photos

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Did you know that having high-quality blog photos is necessary to improving your brand’s know, like and trust value? 

Make sure your blog photos convey your brand in the best possible light.  

Are you DIY-ing your blog photos and afraid that your photos aren’t living up to your brand’s standards?  Don’t worry…I’ve got your back!

I have 5 tips for improving your blog photos and allowing you to improve your know, like and trust power!

  1. Use the right type of light
  2. Composition can kill
  3. Get your triangle on
  4. Change your angle
  5. Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone to take your blog photos!
  6. Bonus Tip

1. Use the right type of light!

If you’re not looking at getting too technical AND you prefer the FREE option, then natural light is your must use technique.  However, there is still a right and a wrong way of using natural light.  You may not have even realized that lighting plays such an important role, but if you look at most professionally taken photos, you won’t see hard shadows.  Hard shadows are achieved by using hard light and conversely soft shadows are achieved by using soft light.  You can see the difference between hard light and soft light in the picture below.

So, how do you find soft light?  The easiest is to set up NEAR a window.  Stay out of the direct light, but stay close enough that you’re able to light your scene with the naturally soft, indirect light.  I have a handy little video tutorial on setting up your photo shoot using indirect light that which you can scope out in this post.  

2. Composition can kill

Please, do NOT center your subject!!

Ok…you can, but ONLY if you’re using a square ratio or you already have mad photography skills and know how and when you can pull it off.

For now, let’s stick with centering your main subject only when you’re using a square format.

So next time you’re framing your shot, imagine (or actually turn the feature on if you can) a tic tac toe board is placed over your scene.  Now line up your main subject on one of those lines.  It can be the top, bottom, left or right.  Move the camera around until you find a position that speaks to you.  If nothing does, take all 4 options and see what happens when you edit them later. If possible the most important aspect of the main subject should be placed so that it falls on one of the points where 2 lines cross.

This was one of the hardest concepts in photography for me to grasp.  It just felt so natural to center objects.  Many years ago, I distinctly remember thinking that a photographer in a chain store was nuts for the way she composed a photo she had taken of me and my son…only later to realize she was doing what is widely accepted in the artistic world and I was way off.  LOL

3. Get your triangle on

Say what?!  If you’re setting up your photo scene with props, can you set them up so they create a triangle? In photography and other artistic mediums, triangles are extremely visually appealing.  You probably didn’t even realize it, but they are everywhere.  So when you’re setting up your props, keep this in mind and set them up so a triangle can be visualized.

4. Change your angle

If you’re taking a photo standing up, more than likely that picture will be a snoozer.  Yep, you read that right.  A majority of what we see in the world, we see from a standing position.  Therefore, that’s our norm and normal equals boring!  So mix it up!  Get creative with angles.  Shoot the photo from above.  Get down low and shoot into the scene.  Turn your subject a little and get a new perspective.  It’s not hard, we just have to move a little.  Make the everyday look different.  Do flatlays ring a bell?  They employ this technique specifically and they are HOT right now!  So think about your next blog photo.  How can you make the everyday look different?


5. Don’t be afraid to use your smartphone to take your blog photos!

I have talked to so many people who feel their photos are of a lesser quality because they only have a smartphone and don’t have fancy equipment.  Well, if you paid attention to what I’ve been telling you, there’s nothing in here that says you need fancy equipment!  Once, you start embracing some of the other points listed above, your photos will be fabulous!! Don’t let the believe that a fancy camera is needed for great photos.  

Oh, and remember I’d mentioned earlier about turning on the tic tac toe feature for the rule of thirds?  Your smartphone has this feature.  Look at your camera settings and turn on the grid feature!! 🙂

Bonus tip!  

All photos can be made to look even better with a little editing prowess.  My favorite editing app is Snapseed and the best part is that it’s FREE for iOS and Android!  

I hope you’re feeling a little more confident with taking your own blog photos!  If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them so send me an email to amy@learnblogphotography.com or join my free Facebook group and join in the conversation there!

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson

Guest Author + Photographer

Amy Jackson is the founder of www.learnblogphotography.com where she empower bloggers to ditch stock photos and learn to take their own. She also offers “”Done For Your Biz” custom stock photo services for those who don’t want to learn, they just want it done.

Amy is a single mom to her 13-yr old son, who happens to share her passion for both skiing and photography. Amy is proud to be able to leverage her lifelong creative outlet and teach others how to benefit from photography.”

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