5 Reasons to read the Blogs in Font Sites and Online Editors

by Mar 21, 2017Design Tips, Blogging, Business

For the love of Design

If you are regularly creating graphics for your blog, constantly trying to improve your website or you do these things as a job for clients; then you must be familiar with online editors and creative assets websites like Creative Market, PixeloFreepik and Fontbundles just to name a few. 

Visme, VenngageCanvaPhotoshop and Pixelmator are so much more fun when you use the fonts and backgrounds you download from the great offers and bundles available on the creative assets sites above.

Online editors and Creative Assets Websites go hand in hand to create beautiful graphics and artwork on a daily basis, but what you might have not have noticed is that most of these also have a blog for you to gain more design knowledge than you thought was possible.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be reading the blogs inside the Creative Assets Websites and the Online Editors!

1. They provide plenty of creative inspiration

The best and greatest aspect of the blogs inside the assets websites are the tutorials they publish regularly.

Visme has a YouTube channel with a handful of videos explaining all sorts of amazing things you can create with them. What better way to learn in depth how to use a tool than to get the information from the creators themselves.

The Visme Learning Center is full of articles in the following categories:  Infographics, Presentations, Data Visualizations, Design Inspiration and Digital Marketing.

The Venngage Blog has plenty of articles with design inspiration, as well as guides and tutorials for creating infographics and other types of visual marketing materials.

The Freepik Blog is full of great articles for graphic designers and anyone interested in the creative arts.

The Canva Design School has recently started offering courses with modules to learn more elaborate design techniques. Visit their site to see what great lessons they are offering now.

The Designbundles Design School has beginner to advanced tutorials for Photoshop and Cricut.

The Fontbundles Blog has a great series called “Ask a Font Creator” which I really love and I know you will too.

2. You know it’s coming from experts in the field

When you read a blog post published by your favorite creative asset website you know that the writers are experts in design and know what they are talking about. All these blogs handpick their writers. Most of them are also designers that do the work you do and know exactly what you want to know.

I write for the Freepik and Visme Blogs so I know what I’m talking about. *wink*.

The writers for these blogs are backed by the website they are writing for so you can be sure that their own sites and blogs are top notch as well. If you like their style you should definitely explore further via the social links at the bottom of their posts. 

All blog posts are screened to include only the best and most up to date information. Every article you read, you can be sure the information is top notch and you should definitely be paying attention.

The Honest Designer’s Show

By following the blogs inside your favorite creative asset websites you will find the kinds of gems like what Design Cuts offers. The Honest Designer’s Show is a podcast for designers by designers to take them along the wonderful ride of becoming a designer in a creative way. If you are serious about growing as a designer, this podcast is for you.

3. More detailed info than other blogs

Creative asset websites offer lots of expert advice and suggested improvements for your site, your blog, and your creative process. Most articles are very specific to a subject or purpose, making it even that more valuable.

The information highway on social media and the internet is full of overloaded buses and slow taxis. The blogs curated by online editors and creative asset websites are like the speed trains and fancy ubers of design information.

Sites like Venngage and Visme will publish articles about their in house designers and the wonderful work they create. They will offer detailed information about their best creative assets and new products for you to try out. There is no better “first dibs information” than these blogs. Even better if you sign up for their email lists.

4. There is always something new to learn

Even the most seasoned designers always have something new to learn. Just like the newbies are just learning how to crop an image or change the color of a font. There is no limit to what you can learn, at any level.

The amount of self taught designers out there grows daily and these blogs are helping them feel more confident in their art. Why not join them and learn something that you didn’t know about?

This doesn’t mean that if you read two articles on Creative Market, you are ready to create your own logo, you have to know your level of ability. Sometimes after reading a blog post on a specific design technique, you might be better off contacting a designer to do it for you.

5. The articles are great for sharing 

Last but not least, the articles in these blogs are also great for sharing on your social media, specially if your niche is, or is related to art, design, and / or a creative business. Stories about amazing illustrators recreating old movie posters or giant human installations can make any Facebook Page a little more colorful.

Use these articles to keep your Twitter account alive and kicking, share to Pinterest and google+.  Show your readers what you are interested in, and let them into the not so secret world of the blogs inside online editors and creative asset websites.


Always sign up for their newsletters! You will be surprised at how much free stuff you can get in your inbox. Creative Market for example sends out 6 weekly freebies every Monday morning, including fonts, backgrounds, and other awesome design resources. Fontbundles always lets you know about new and free offers.

I hope this article helped you learn something new about your favorite creative asset websites and online editors! Let me know in the comments if you know of any more blogs like these that I should include!