5 ways that hiring a coach can make your business successful

by May 19, 2018Business, coaching, guest post, self care, small business

If you are interested in building a better you; a happier, more successful, healthier and fulfilled you, but have not been successful in overcoming some of the obstacles on your own, then I highly encourage you to consider hiring a Coach to help you get there.

Coaches are trained to listen, observe, and to customize their approach to an individual client’s needs: they seek to elicit solutions and strategies from their clients. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity.

A coach is an advocate, a sounding board, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, a truth teller, and a supporter.  They help you develop strategies and tactics for your business, personal relationships, parenting, and help you maintain a sustainable positive, innovative mind.

Today, I’m sharing with you five ways you can benefit from hiring a coach.


Get unstuck and find motivation

Whether you are going from good to great or blocked by fear and confusion, you don’t have to be trapped by your current behaviors. With a great coach in your corner, you can break free from self-imposed limits, gain the confidence and self-assurance to reach new personal heights and finally help you get out of your head and pull you out of a funk.


Identify strengths and weaknesses

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. But we are NOT our weaknesses and they do NOT define us. We can improve and overcome ANY one of our challenges with the right knowledge, motivation, and dedication. Knowing your strengths and weakness can help you become a more effective and successful leader in your field. It’s easy for us to think we know ourselves best. The truth is, that’s not always the case. Having a business coach offer an outside perspective and identify patterns can help you exploit your strengths while bolstering your weaknesses.


Gain more confidence

Comfort zones. We all have them. You’ll never truly know what you’re capable of until you have someone in your corner who pushes you out of your comfort zone.  A business coach can help you face insecurities and help develop your confidence in a healthy and productive manner. You can develop the tools to become comfortable when facing new challenges, get excited about new opportunities and be confident when sharing or implementing your opinions and ideas.



What did you accomplish this week? Are you making progress on your goals? These are the first two questions a business coach will ask you at the beginning of every session.  A business coach is a built-in accountability partner that challenges you to strategize and develop your goals while aligning your efforts toward achieving them.


Personal development

Do you wish you had better communication skills?
Do you need a specific skill to advance 
further in life?
Do you want to be happier?
Do you ever feel pulled in too many directions?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then hiring a coach is the best investment for you and your business. Running a business is hard enough as it is without the unnecessary added pressures we put on ourselves. Not only can a coach help you develop new skills, but a coach can also help you create a work/life balance by discussing the core problem that’s affecting your life right now. It may even spill over into your personal or private life — that’s okay and perfectly understandable.

Milagros is a Certified Coach, published author of two marketing books (365 tweets for the busy Author and Marketing Your Self-Published Book  On  Facebook) She’s also a romance author of four romance novels and a poetry book.

Along with her writing accolades, she has been a social media manager, certified EMT,
a music video vixen, a flight attendant and cupcake business owner.

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