7 Actionable Steps to Using Reddit to Drive Traffic and Get an Audience

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Find out how to use Reddit to drive traffic to your site.
Here are 7 actionable steps to get you started with subreddits and proper reddit etiquette.

Even though Reddit is a commonly overlooked avenue for social media marketing, you should be paying attention to it. Although Reddit has a mixed reputation for what it brings to the internet, one thing is for sure: a lot of professionals and tech smart people like to blow off steam on Reddit. It’s a great place for learning and community building, especially as subreddits center around very specific interests.

If you want to drive traffic and build an audience, Reddit is one of the best places to find the kind of people you’re looking for. However, Reddit is also well-known for disliking any kind of obvious self-promotion, so you need to be cautions and smart if you want to use it to drive traffic and get an audience.

Make Yourself Reputable

Redditors are especially discerning. If you pop up out of nowhere and start self-promoting, you’re unlikely to be received warmly. Start by making your presence known on Reddit. Post frequently, participate in threads, and provide valuable knowledge wherever you go.

When you’d like to drive people to your website, you’ll already have a proper foundation as a trustworthy Redditor. Fewer people will be quick to brush you off, because they’ll already know and like you. Your message will resonate strongly.

Answer Lots of Questions

Many people come to Reddit for answers. It’s a great place for advice and tutorials, since many professionals are lurking on popular subreddits. Include as much information as possible when you answer these questions – don’t just point people in the direction of your website. Showcase a multitude of solutions, even by entertaining alternative solutions that you do not provide. It will make you appear honest, and that’s exactly what Redditors want to see.

It’s important to write unique answers every time, as coping and pasting the same answer may violate guidelines and appear to be spam. After a while, you’ll develop a knack for saying the same things in different ways. If you find that to be a huge pain, you can always hire a copywriter to skillfully do it for you.

Avoid Controversial Discussions

Controversial discussions don’t always pertain to taboo topics. Silicon Valley’s Richard Hendricks finds the “tabs versus spaces” debate in coding to be controversial, and it’s certainly not a life changing debacle. Whenever a reddit argument breaks out, distance yourself from that conversation. There’s always room for debate, but Reddit in particular has a tendency to get heated. Be careful what you say and where you say it, even if you feel as though you’re on the right side of the debate.

Stay Active on Relevant Subreddits

Even if you don’t have anything to promote, remain active on relevant subreddits. It’s astounding how many subreddits there are for any particular topic, and you’re going to want to target as many of those subreddits as possible while attempting to promote your website. Even subreddits with smaller followings count, as some of them may grow from being featured.

Don’t leave any stones unturned – there’s always a discussion to become involved in, even if it seems trivial or unimportant. If that subreddit gains massive popularity, you’ll be a long time poster with a wealth of clout by the time people come rolling in.

Use Appropriate Pacing

You’re going to need to drop your link to drive traffic. There’s just no way around it. People are lazy, and they aren’t going to want to Google you, find you, and visit you when they’re used to simply following a link. Be careful not to bombard the same subreddits over and over again with your link.

Casually drop your link, wait a couple weeks, and casually drop it again. Do the same for every subreddit you’ve become an active poster on. If you’ve amassed enough relevant subreddits, you may be able to post your link every day in a different subreddit without hitting the same place twice in a two week period.

Get Upvoted

Getting Upvoted will boost the credibility of your posts and comments, making them more visible to people. When someone Googles something and stumbles upon your reddit post, they’ll easily find your comment even if it’s months or years old. You need those upvotes.

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being upvoted. By posting at peak hours (usually between midnight and 8 AM – reddit is a good balance of night owls and early risers), you’re maximizing your exposure. More people are online to see and upvote your post.

Another crucial part of getting upvotes is understanding your audience. Every popular subreddit virtually has its own language – there’s a lot of jargon, slang, and abbreviations you need to become familiar with. Write your post in the appropriate language, and people who frequent that subreddit will be more likely to take you seriously.

Use Reddit to Advertise

Reddit sells ads if you’d rather not be so hands-on in your approach. If you don’t have the time or the patience to maintain such an active presence on Reddit, you can always settle for paid promotion and sponsored posts. More or less, you’ll be automating your efforts. These kinds of posts will be perceived as advertisements, effectively coming off as less authentic, but it’s far better than missing an opportunity to reach the Reddit audience.

Finally, remember to go with the flow. Established subreddits don’t like disruptors, so you need to respect every community’s rules and guidelines when you post. If you do, they’ll welcome and appreciate your participation.

Sienna Walker is a marketing and careers blogger, a traveler, and a piece of the team behind Datastical, an online knowledge library. Sienna enjoys working together with other professionals online, and might often be found sharing her tips and strategies for growing a successful, profitable business.

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