Meet Orana

Orana Maria Velarde Susti.
Born September 5th, 1978.
Renaissance Nomad



Born in to Art: I was born into an artist family in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. Learning how to create logos alongside filling in princess coloring books, paired with a full array of art supplies to soothe my boredom, I learned the fundamentals of color theory, design and perspective early on. In the last two years of High School, I pursued writing and fine arts simultaneously; going on to sell my first painting at the age of 17.

Becoming a Writer: As life would have it’s way, I pursued my love of story writing by studying Humanities and Literature at Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya.  Soon after, my nomad lifestyle began and I opened a coffee shop in the mountain city of Cusco, while writing for the local English Newspaper called “The Cusco Weekly”.

Getting into Makeup and FX: After a fateful encounter with a couple of professional FX Makeup artists, I saw my artistic soul resurface and attended specialized Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I then worked as a professional Makeup Artist for film, advertising, fashion and theater for ten years before picking up my bags and moving again.


Let’s Work Together!

If you need a Branding Strategy or any Design Services please visit My Design Solutions Section and fill out the form in there.

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Being an Artist: Growing up in art studios and art galleries molded my personality into being innately creative. I am an artist of many trades, and greatly enjoy my current positioning as graphic designer. Having a background in creative writing and my experience as an expat nomad, I also have a blog that I designed myself and with time, connected with other bloggers like myself.

Birth of Orana Creative: After a few years of being asked for help in visual content creation, I decided it was time to offer my services to bloggers that needed that creative help that I could offer. Tapping into my design and art upbringing, taking professional online courses and having my mom as professional graphic design mentor, I founded Orana Creative.

"He who wants to do the impossible is stronger than destiny"

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Work in Graphic Design: Throughout the past couple of years, I have designed logos, branding schemes and visual strategies for bloggers and small business owners. Her clients include Sue from Succesful Blogging, Laura from Bridging the Gap and Momstyle your Business, Claudia from Luna Inca, Cynthia from Start your Speaking Business, Angela from Surfing and Sequins, Sue from  Sizzling towards Sixty, Shauna from Technotini, the International Blogger’s Association, The World Moms Network and more.

Expat Nomad Writing: You can read about my expat adventures on my personal blog Crazy Little Family Adventure and read my articles on Freepik, The International Bloggers’ Association, World Moms Network and Expat Post.