Blog Post Title graphics are your digital business cards

by Jan 8, 2017Design Tips, Blog Graphics

Hitting Publish on your Blog Posts

You just finished writing a blog post and it’s time to hit publish, what next?

Do you hit publish, or take a little walk around the house or the block and get some air? My point is that when your blog post has been written, proofed and edited, it’s still not ready to publish! You need to make sure you are doing your Blog justice by giving it the graphics it deserves

OK. so what’s missing? Your blog post needs at least one visual, and in my opinion the most important one;

The Blog Post Title.

The most common Blog Post Title is a rectangular shape and fits well as a Facebook or Twitter post. There are some blog templates that use edge to edge formats and those are a little different. You have two choices; use a good quality photograph as the featured image OR use the Blog Post Title to promote your blog further into Social Media.

What is the difference between a photograph on its own and a fully designed Blog Post Title? The photograph will look great, but it won’t necessarily represent you. If your blog has a template where the “above the fold” space is a giant photograph (like the blog you are reading right now) I still think you should take the time to create a Blog Post Title and place it in your SEO Yoast social media sharing plug-in, or whichever social media plugin you are using. If you are not using any kind of special plug-in, then you should have the Blog Post Title Graphic at the top of your blog post.

What should always be included in your Blog Post Title Graphic?

  • The Title of the Blog Post
  • A background image, color or illustration
  • Your logo and / or your url domain


More Branded Graphics that your Blog needs

Blog Post Titles are the most important yet not the only graphics your blog should have. Pinterest graphics are really important as well so that your readers can share your posts on their Pinterest accounts. Even if you are not active on Pinterest, your readers probably are so why not give them a great opportunity to share your content?

Apart from Pinterest, other graphics you can create are square instagram graphics to let your followers on IG know that you have a new blog post out. You can either make a square blog post graphic or create something completely new like a quote or something pertaining to your blog post, some tidbit of information for example.

Another type of graphic that you should consider creating are infographics. The graphic below in this post is an infographic that explains step by step how to make a Blog Post Title. This one was made on Piktochart before I discovered Visme which is my now go to infographics maker.

A couple other visual graphics that can help your blog are slide presentations, ebooks and pdf guides. You can create all these also on Visme! You can’t forget the most important aspect of all these graphics though, they need to be branded!


But is your Blog Branded?

Everything I have been talking about in this article revolves around your blog being branded, but is YOUR blog branded? Taking care of your logo, colors, fonts and visual schemes makes your blog a lot better than just winging it every time you hit publish! Why not take a look at my Free How to Brand your Blog guide. 

Here are some great graphics from Creative Market to help you figure out your brand!

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