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by | Jul 1, 2017 | blogger, blogging, templates

Author: Orana - Expat Nomad Designer

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Blogger Blues

Have you been looking for a way to make your Blogspot (Blogger) Blog look more professional? You don’t want to move to WordPress yet but you also would love to have a custom template that doesn’t “look like blogger”? Well today is your lucky day because I was once in the same position you are now and when I found Lasantha and his Premium Blogger Themes my blog took a turn for the better.

I have two blogs, one on Blogger and this one on WordPress. I created my first one years and years ago when we were living in Bangkok. I chose Blogspot (that’s what it was called back then before Google took over it) because it was easy to use and then stayed there because it was easy to connect to Google. I knew that the template possibilities on Blogger were nowhere near as varied as they were on WordPress but I didn’t have the resources to move to WordPress just yet.

My Blogger blog tired me quite a few times because the themes were so boring and hard to make them look special or different. That is until I found Lasantha and his webpage FULL of Blogger templates for only 10$ each. After a lot of looking around I finally settled on one and now the Crazy Little Family Adventure Blog looks great!

Check out some of his templates here and you can see more on his Gumroad page.


Meet the Developer

Lasantha is a web developer from Sri Lanka. He started creating Blogger templates as a side hustle from his usual webmaster work and it took off! With 1500 Blogger Templates under his belt, he is your go to guy when you need a quick website fix on Blogger. Recently he has started building WordPress Themes, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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