Your brand needs personalized blog graphics

by Jan 9, 2017

How much do you know about the way your brand is portrayed online?

With all the visuals making the rounds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more, how do you make sure that your brand stands out in between all the stock photography and overused font styles?

Personalized Blog Graphics are a top notch solution to this little (Big) problem.

What are “Personalized Blog Graphics”? 

You have heard of ‘templates’, right?

They are inside the online editors, offered for everyone to use and customize to their liking.

You might also have heard of layouts for social media that are offered as photoshop files to customize for your content.

Well, Personalized Blog Graphics are better than either of those!


  • Because they are created specially for you and your brand. All the research and design that is undertaken is always done with your brand in mind.
  • Your Personalized Blog Graphics are created like any personalized design, with a designer that will show you the status of your project halfway through the process and listen to your doubts. You have a certain amount of say over how the finished product will be.
  • The finished product is a Canva file full of designs made specially for your brand and with plenty of elements that are easy to move or resize. If you have Canva for Work it’s even better because the graphics can be set as “canva templates” for your brand and your virtual assistants can help in a more efficient way.
  • If you are a non-designer, Photoshop is like a foreign language and not easy for you to navigate. Even if it’s customizable, you don’t feel comfortable trying to figure out the possibilities and combinations. BUT, if you do like using Photoshop, your Personalized Blog Graphics can be made on that platform without a problem.

Examples of Personalized Blog Post Title Graphics

Templates are limiting, Personalized blog graphics are not.

What do you think of when someone says “social media templates”?

You think of the free social media templates offered inside the online editors that you can use to make your posts easily. Those are the most common and overly used templates out there and if you use them a lot, your brand will NOT stand out. Imagine all the other people that are also using those free templates!

If you have ever considered having templates for your brand, it might have occurred to you that there would only be one basic graphic to work with. Only one graphic won’t make it any better than using free templates.

The way to use templates for a positive and successful outcome is to have a whole set, with icons, shapes, backgrounds, and extra little things that fit your brand.

When I talk to clients that are interested in templates, they always ask if it won’t get boring to just use one template all the time.

Well, what I offer is actually a whole set, not just one! And of top of that, they are customizable by the client.

That is why I call them PERSONALIZED BLOG GRAPHICS and not templates.

Is this blog post an ad!?

OK, you got me.

And I will take the opportunity to make a point as well!

Businesses need blogs, blogs that belong to businesses must publish articles about their products and how they work. How else are clients and customers going to know what they are getting?

How about you?

Di you know you needed Personalized Blog Graphics?

Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t

Did this blog post convince you?

Maybe it made you a little curious…..

Click on over to my Personalized Blog Graphics page and find out more about why your business and blog need these to be noticed and recognized on Social Media and beyond!