A Branded Website: Why is it important?

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A Branded Website, why is it important and key elements to consider

Clients who approach SoVerve Marketing Group with an interest in website design and/or development, they are greeted first with an intake form that is detailed. They are often surprised at “all of this information?” The reality is that many clients do not fully understand the importance of how your brand colors, a logo, coordinating fonts, and other pieces of your branding can create an impact in your brand awareness. There are key elements to consider when building your website that will directly impact how users view your brand.

I will preface this by stating that the ground works prior to working on branding your website should already be laid out. You would have either created yourself or worked with a brand strategist on a brand identity. This will include the basics; font pairings, color scheme, logo design, and all the elements that make up your brand. Having this done will lay out the foundation for how you will build your website aesthetically. Things like, your ideal audience; their demographic (age, gender, location, etc.), will all be necessary information to keep in mind as well. While many don’t believe, these are important elements, I always add them, because you must think of the end user and not yourself. Now, let’s look at how we can transfer this information over to creating a branded website.

Why is a Branded Website important?

A branded website is important for many reasons, but one of the main reasons if not the main reason is that it continues to connect your audience to your brand and it builds awareness and trust with your user. Yes! You read that correctly. A branded website when done correctly, will help you build trust. The truth is users like uniformity. The trust brands that are well thought out and presented accordingly because it shows care and it shows value.

Everything from logo placement to font choices and color scheme to photography or graphics styles should be cohesive with the rest of your branding across the web. If your users are accustomed to seeing your branding style on a social media platform, but then visit your website and find it is disproportionate to what they are used to, it creates barriers. Eliminating any possible barriers or breakdown should be avoided.

Key elements of a Branded Website

Now that we have established why it is important to brand your website, let’s look at some key elements to creating that cohesive style that so many aim for, but often miss.

Visual brand basics

Your website should include your branding basics and some of these should be discussed during the brand identity process. Fonts for example, when creating a brand are important to determine, because not every font will translate properly for web view. Using web safe or web fonts is important because they provide visual consistency, which again as previously stated builds trust. The same can be said for your color scheme. Using your brand colors throughout your website in your headings, titles, etc. allows the user to remain visually connected.

Lastly, utilizing photography that corresponds with your brand design will only continue to create a sense of unity across your website. Therefore, whatever your social media strategy is, it should include the same visual concept as you have or will have on your website. If you choose stock photography, make sure they are high quality and unique to your brand message. Careful not to use a lot of the same images others use.

Your content and copy

Yes! Your content is part of your brand and it is an important one at that. You don’t want ever write copy for your website or blog in one tone and then present it differently on say, social media. While there are differences in how you deliver your message to your audience, you want to maintain a level of consistency in the way you write your copy. If you are lax in your copywriting on a platform such as Instagram, but then have a more serious and approach on your website then again this creates a disconnect. Building and achieving expectations is very important. You want to look at your grammar, broken links, and the overall quality of your content consistently.

Your content is part of your brand and it is an important one at that. Read why a branded website is important #branding @_soverve #blogs

Branding everything else

A well-branded website will have branded everything. However, doing so in a way that doesn’t come across as “overkill” takes balance and the right frame of mind. Additional items to consider into your branding is your favicon, your call to action buttons, your social media icons, and any other corresponding graphics. Tie all the pieces together and create a space that speaks to your branding scheme.

Considering these small, but significant details will set you part because they are often overlooked. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, draw inspiration from major corporation and companies on how they bring various elements of their branding into your online space. There, you will often find a consistent theme that the small details make a big difference.

There you have it, the importance of a branded website, as well as key elements to incorporate into your website branding strategy. Remember, that a branded website more than just your logo. You are creating an experience, building brand awareness, and establishing consistency. A website not only necessary in today’s digital age, but it is a must. Take the time to brand it accordingly and thoughtfully.

Stephanie Rubio

Stephanie Rubio

Guest Author

Stephanie Rubio

Owner/consultant of SoVerve Marketing Group, a bespoke business consulting and digital marketing firm that caters to the modern solopreneur and small business owner. After a career in Real Estate Management and a degree in Business, Stephanie founded SoVerve Marketing Group out of a need to assist small business owners with cost effective – results based – marketing. Stephanie has been featured in podcasts, such as The Fierce Entrepreneur and blogs like Clever Girl Finance for her tech savvy and straight shooting approach to business ownership. Committed to providing high value services in the areas of website design, branding, SEO, social media, and content creation, SoVerve Marketing Group has assisted countless of small business owners all over the globe in creating brands that can compete in the online arena.