Cleaning up your Facebook Groups

by Dec 21, 2016

Facebook Groups just pile up

I have been thinking a lot about Facebook Groups, not about running one but about being a member of one.

I am part of plenty of groups, at last count I was in 74 groups. I decided to do a Facebook Group Clean Up.

I dare you to go on Facebook after you read this post and clean up own groups.

I suggest you go back and do this again in six months time.

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This is how I attacked my Facebook Group Clean Up.

I looked through the groups and started getting rid of the ones I wasn’t active in more than three months. I will do this again in a few months to keep my feed clean of things I don’t need to be seeing, like items on sale in a city I don’t live anymore or posts about baby toys when my kids are way past toddlerdom and infancy. 


1: If it’s a group particular to a place you don’t live anymore, like “Phuket Buy and Sell” or “Phuket Expats”, get rid of it. I left Phuket over a year ago and there’s no chance I’ll back soon. So, those are gone.  Bye bye!

2: My kids are 5 and almost four, so groups about Baby Led Weaning and Breastfeeding are good to go! Bye!

3:  Groups that were created for a purpose that has a specific timeline. The event, or charity that the group was created for is over, so why am I still in that group? Bye bye!

4: There are excessive amounts of Bali Expat Groups I’m part of and I don’t really need them anymore since I’ve been here for a year and I pretty  much know my way around. Stick to the group for my neighborhood and the rest can go. Bye!

5: Now I’m left with blogging groups and social share groups. For blogging groups I stay in Blogging on Your Own Terms, Blogging Boost and The Blog Loft cause those are the best in the biz.


6: So many social share groups! How do I pick which to stay on? I check which ones I engage with the most and which group has the best bloggers and what groups have blogs I’m actually interested in.

I stay in Bloggers Worldwide: Exchange Comments & Guest Posting, Bloggers Get Social, Instagram Marketing Mastermind, Blog meets Blog, Twitter Marketing Group, SheKnows & BlogHer Social Media Influencers, and Social Media Network Group. Each one has their own group of bloggers and business owners.  There are threads that work and there are thread that don’t work for me, so I just don’t join those.

7:  The other groups. I’m definitely staying in these! All the Mommitment Groups,  International Bloggers’ Association, Momstyling your Business, Multicultural Kid Blogs, Worldschoolers, Women for One, and WSJ Expat.

8: Check the secret groups you are in, most likely you still engage in those but check anyway. They might have changed admins and things might be different if you haven’t been in there in a long time.

All the others….bye bye!!!

Now it’s your turn!

Go on over to your Facebook home page, look on the left side bar and find your shortcuts tab.

Click on “see more” and the list of groups you are in will and pages you like will show up. You will probably be surprised at how long it is!

The ones at the very bottom are the ones you hardly ever engage with so start down there.

Now clean up those groups and engage more in the ones that really interest you!

You can reorganize the shortcuts tab on the sidebar so that you see your favorite groups on top an in whatever order you prefer. This list will also show if there are new notifications or activity inside the groups or pages. You can change this order whenever you like, keeping up with all the latest news in all your groups. Hover over the “shortcuts” title and click on the “edit” button. A pop up window will appear and you can organize things as you prefer.

Leave a comment and tell me how many groups you were in and how many you said bye bye to!

See you next time!


ps: I you want to know which are the BEST groups to join, read this post from the International Bloggers’ Association!

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