DesignEvo Review – Easy online logo maker for entrepreneurs

by May 15, 2018Branding, Business, Design Tips, visual design

A while ago I was approached by the people behind the DesingEvo Free Logo Maker.
I am not sure if they knew or not that I am a designer.

As a designer, it’s hard for me to recommend an online logo maker.
I mean, it literally does the work for me!

But curiosity started gnawing at me.
Can a free online logo maker be a good thing? Maybe.

I had took it for a ride a few times and see what it could do.
These are two quick logos I created.

How do people get logos

When a new business owner decides it’s time to get a logo for their brand, they have to make some decisions.
They can either…

  • Make their own
  • Hire a designer on fiverr (or another inexpensive online designer platform)
  • Hire a graphic designer or a branding specialist (Like me!)

When I sat down to write this review I thought I would have to concentrate on the first option only. But then I thought, Can an online logo maker help a designer in the first stages of logo design?

I tried to figure that out.

How does DesignEvo work

The first times I used the DesignEvo free logo maker was to create some fake logos to use in a visual article I was writing for the Visme Blog about flyers. I created two logos, one for a dog groomer and another for a yoga practice.

The process was quite simple and easy. I could easily see how a non designer would love to use the program and get a logo quickly.

So the first thing you do when you open the DesignEvo platform is to pick either a template from the front page or pick a niche from the left hand menu. Most of the logos follow the same template; A company name and a byline, along with an icon. Once you pick the template you like and add your information, the editor opens for further designing.

Inside the editor you can change the color, size, font and placement of all the elements you chose. If you want to change the icon, there is a search button on the left.

Once you are done with your logo, you can download it for free as a .jpg and as a .png.

It was at the downloading stage that I realized that the paid versions might be geared to designers or at least towards people that know a little bit about design. Since I had been given the pro version in exchange for my review I obviously downloaded the full shebang.

It came with vector PDF and .svg files along with other stuff. This impressed me because that meant that if I wanted to, I could further edit the logo in my vectors editor.

But why would a non designer want these files? All I can think of is to be able to give the logo created on designevo to a designer as a draft of some sort?

I needed an obective point of view about Designevo so I asked a friend to try it out and download a free logo. She is design challenged so I thought it was the perfect person!

What I did in order to review DesignEvo objectively

I have a digital nomad friend, Marta, who is also a psychotherapist. She left her daily practice (with an office) back in Spain to take on a workaway here in Sri Lanka. Halfway through her time here she realized that she needed a way to make more money to keep traveling. She decided to offer therapy sessions online.

She doesn’t have enough money to hire me to brand her business. I found the perfect solution. I would use the DesignEvo logo maker and create a new logo for Marta’s online psychotherapy business.

I started creating a logo for Marta but quickly started feeling limited, mostly with the choices of icons. Maybe the topic of psychotherapy isn’t the most common so there weren’t exactly any pre-made templates made for that. I ended up using a bird instead. 

She says she likes the logo with the humming bird.

Marta’s thoughts on Designevo

As a total non designer, Marta found the app easy to use to some extent. She had fun with the icons and colors but had a hard time changing the text. I’m not sure why.



Is Designevo worth it? It’s great if you need a logo really quick and don’t have the funds to hire a designer. But if the regular price of the highest tier is 99$, it comes out the same as if an entry level designer had done your logo. So in the end, it turns out to be almost the same.

But, someone else out there in the world might have the same icon you used or the same logo even (coincidences exist). Thankfully the highest tier gives you the option of trademarking your creation which is definitely a plus.

Would I recommend it? Well in all truth I’d recommend they hire me first. But if that’s not something they can afford then go for it with Designevo.

This post is an honest review in exchange for a sampling of the full capabilities of the Designevo Logo Maker.