Font Addiction really exists – Pixelo Bundles are my faves

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This Font Addiction contest is now over but if you follow Orana Creative on Instagram you will always know when the next one comes up!

Go to Pixelo and find out what Bundle is up for grabs now!

Enter the Pixelo + Rock your Visuals Instagram Challenge to win the Sensational Fonts Bundle! 

If you really don’t want to enter any contest or challenge and just want to get this bundle NOW, you can do that too because it’s on a crazy deal right now. 99% the total price of over 2000$ now for only 29$.

So what are you going to do? Get it now or enter the contest? Oh go on, enter the contest it’ll be fun! The TWO WINNERS will be announced a day before the deal ends so if you don’t win you can still get the bundle!

Scroll down to find out more!

You can never have too many fonts

Handwritten fonts, serif fonts, neo-modern fonts, scribbly fonts, kid style fonts….you name it, they exist. if you spend even five minutes on the internet in-between blog writing and graphics making and photograph taking, you will see some kind of design bundle or font bundle popping up in your Facebook Feed or your Twitter Feed and even in Pinterest. Every day there is a new beautiful font to grab and make something amazing with. But not all fonts are free, they take work people they can’t always be free! So sometimes we buy fonts, and if you are designer you buy more fonts because you want to have options to work with to show your clients. And since every client is different, you can never have too many fonts.

But you might have some questions…

What about my branding?

So your blog is branded and you have been told that you have to keep your fonts always the same. I agree! But there is one exception that you can take advantage of. It’s called Instagram and the magic of style. I mean that you can use different fonts to create different graphics on Instagram as long as you keep a style. My only rule is that if you are going to post a Blog Post Title Graphic on Instagram, then you should definitely be using your branded fonts! If you are posting a motivational quote or a quote you like and think your readers will like, you can use whatever font you want (as long as it follows your style). You can look at my Instagram account to see what I mean.

Why should I create Quote graphics for my Instagram?

Quotes are great for many reasons, you can choose a quote that pertains to your niche and your reader specifically. It can be motivational, inspirational, informative, spiritual, awakening. Guess what, it can even be ONE WORD! Have you ever tried using quotes on your Instagram? To win this amazing 33 font bundle, that’s exactly what you have to do! Excited yet?

Can I use these fonts for my Society6 and Etsy products?

You sell products on Etsy or Society6? I love it! I’ve always wanted to get into that. Hats off to you my friend. Oh, back to the fonts in the bundle, YES! you can use all these fonts for your products because they come with a Commercial License. Every single font is fair game for a t-shirt, a pillow cover, iPhone case, bedcover, tote…whatever you like! And yes of course your digital prints and pre-made logos too! With 33 new fonts you can make so many new products, and have so much fun in the meantime.

I’m a designer, can I use these fonts for my clients projects?

Hi there designer friend! Just like I told the Etsy and Society6 sellers, YES! These fonts come with a Commercial License. In one go you can have 33 new fonts to choose from when designing a new logo or brochure or poster or anything really. As a designer also you might be a Font Addict like me, and well you don’t really need any more reason to get this bundle right?

How do I enter the Contest for a change to win one of two bundles for FREE?

To enter the fun contest and get one of two chances to win the Bundle, you just have to have some fun! The rules ares simple: Create a quote graphic for your Instagram account. Post it before February 20th and don’t forget to use the hashtags #pixelo and #rockyourvisuals. The complete rules are as follows:

First: Follow Orana Creative and Pixelo on Instagram.


  • Find a quote that fits your brand
  • Create a graphic with the quote using two different fonts that you already have.
  • Credit the author of the quote!
  • Include your url of blog or social media handle.


  • Tell us why you would like to win the font bundle
  • Tell us if you were a font, what kind of font would you be.
    Include hashtags #pixelo and #rockyourvisuals

If you really don’t want to play along with me and some other cool bloggers out there, you can just get the bundle now for 29$

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