Do you want your content published on Orana Creative?

Orana Creative publishes outside content in the following capacities:

  • Guest Bloggers
  • Sponsored Posts with link placements

If you would like me to test and review your product in exchange for a subscription, just send me an email so we can talk about it.

Please do not contact me to write a guest post as a writer when what you really want is a link placement for a company you have been hired to do backlinking for. Linkbacks are great, I know, but I  publish writers looking to get their writing seen by the world. I know exactly what a sponsored post looks like. I get paid for those from companies just like the ones you are trying to sneak in to your articles with links.


Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers can submit their articles about resources for small businesses at any time.

Bloggers looking for a platform that will get your word seen;
Our guidelines are as follows:

  • Length: Articles must be at least 800 and preferably over 1000 words.
  • Links: Links to external sources are accepted, for example to other articles about the same topic or niche. Never a sneaky link to a company you are doing promotion for!
    I’d have to charge you for a sponsored post if so! Look at “sponsored posts” if that is what you are looking for.
  • Images: These can be included,  but aren’t obligatory.
  • Bio: The author bio will include at the most 80 words, a photo of you and one link of your choice. This link must be of your own blog/site or social media.

What Orana Creative will do for you:

  • We promote all guest posts on all social media channels.
  • On Twitter we include your twitter handle in a Viral Content Bee promotion of your post. This gets you lots of visibility.
  • We also share actively on Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin.
  • One link in your bio to either your social media or website.


Sponsored Posts and Link Placements

If you are looking to publish a sponsored post with your link in it on Orana Creative, you have a few options.

You send me a written article for me to publish on Orana Creative

  • Publication of written article: $100
  • Publication + Social Media Promotion: $120
    Facebook Profile and Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin

I write an article and include a link to your product or service and publish it on Orana Creative

  • Writing and Publication of article: $200
  • Writing, Publication + SM Promotion: $220
    Facebook Profile and Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin

You want me to include a link to your product or service in an already published article on Orana Creative

  • Inclusion of link in an already published article: $30
    This link becomes PERMANENT

All prices are in US$ 


Get in Touch

If you want your content published in Orana Creative, send an email to hello@oranacreative and please be clear in your email.
I will not accept sneaky link placements!