How Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help your Small Business

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A small business owner needs to be able to operate many roles to be successful, and it is not always easy to do. Even if you outsource your accounting and web design to external companies there are so many more tasks required to stay on track and ultimately be successful. Even if you have the knowledge required to do all the tasks, you may not necessarily have the time and find yourself needing a helping hand.

What if you do not have space however for an employee, or can’t afford to hire even a part time employee?
This is where many can consider bringing in a Virtual Assistant (VA).


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor, meaning you have do not need to worry about employee expenses such as taxes, national insurance, or sick pay. It is up to the VA to pay these expenses themselves. Different VAs will be trained in different services, having trained themselves to be experts in those fields. This can benefit your business because you know upfront you are getting support from someone who knows what they are doing – similar to hiring an accountant to do your accounts.

They help small businesses remotely with their work overflow as and when they are needed, leaving small business owners to focus on generating income.

What tasks can a Virtual Assistant help with?

It truly depends on what you need to them to do.

As mentioned above Vas are trained in a diversity of services, some very niche while others are quite broad in their abilities. It is important to know what tasks you need help with before looking for support. It is best to write a list of the day to day tasks you do, and which ones you would be most comfortable handing over to someone else to do. This way you can go looking for a VA with those skills.

Read this article to know if you are ready to outsource tasks and download the Ultimate Outsourcing Checklist to help you figure it out! There is also an extensive list of available VA’s you can hire listed by niche and abiliites.

To get a grasp of the types of tasks you can outsource here is a few popular tasks outsourced:


Email marketing – From building your email lists, to nurturing the relationship with your subscribers. A VA can create eye catching templates with your branding and regularly put together content to send out to your subscribers. Specialist Vas can expand the basic email marketing services in to sales funnels and automation sequences for e-commerce websites.

Client/Project Management – Creating, updating, and maintaining a client data base on a CRM system can help streamline your communications with clients, and keep track of your projects. Using systems such as Trello, or Basecamp to organise your projects a VA notify you when action is required, saving you time and keep your projects on target.

Social Media Management – Keeping on top of social media interactions, posting schedules and the ever changing algorithms is a job within itself, and definitely not one a small business owner has time to do every day. A Social Media VA can handle all your social media requirements. Creating content or taken pre-created content and schedule it out to your audiences, interacting with your customers and even take enquiries. A specialist VA can also handle Social Media Ads, supporting your income generating activities.

Content Creation – beyond the Email Marketing and Social Media content is that of websites and blogging. Creating fresh content for your website, or other article platforms is time consuming and ideas can be hard to come up with. A creative VA will handle this with ease, learning your business and its industry to put together articles, these can be added to your blog, LinkedIn articles, or third-party websites. Some Vas can also help with the sales content required for websites and landing pages, or PR releases for special events you may have upcoming.

The list of ways a VA can help a small business is endless, and it is up to you how you utilise one to make the most of the investment. No matter what tasks they are hired for, a VA will make organising your business and developing it a smoother journey, at far less a cost (and stress) than anticipated.

Do you have any questions about hiring a VA? Leave us a comment and we will help you as best we can!

Shari Sant

Shari Sant

Your Virtual Assistant

Shari is a single mum to three children who started a VA business to support her family back in 2012, while still being there for her kids and working around her medical conditions. She loves family time and exploring the local environment, taking plenty of journeys to museums, farms and beauty spots. She love to learn and constantly taking part in new diplomas, certificates and courses on top of her Business Management and Accountancy Degree. Her passion is helping others to obtain their goals and helping business owners to organize their businesses. Her mind is always on the go with new ways to help people, promote businesses and looking for something new to learn. As a Virtual Assistant she can do all of these things and never lose the enjoyment of her job.

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