How Good Market Research Will Make Your Brand More Successful

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Market research lays the foundations for a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy. Nowadays it makes the difference between dazzling success and miserable fizzle. Namely, you cannot afford to be throwing money at something that fails to deliver results. Important decisions regarding your brand positioning must never be reached based on guesswork. With a planned, data-backed tactic, you have a chance to obtain valuable insights, make sound decisions, and carry out optimized and targeted marketing campaigns. So, step up to increase brand exposure and recognition. It is time to take your game to the next level.  

Pillars of success

In a modern business world, there are few things as important as knowing your target market. Making assumptions and following a hunch is not an option. One has to dive deeper into the ocean of data and extract vital bits and pieces. Market research is what gives you the necessary tools to pull it off. It represents an objective way of measuring your brand appeal. So, take a step back and observe it from an outside point of view. Get familiar with your surroundings and the factors that shape your brand and prospects.

Note that market research revolves around asking the right questions about the market and finding the answers to them. There are two basic forms it takes. The first one is quantitative research. It relates to uncovering numbers and trends from sources like polls, surveys, social media and existing research reports. The acquired data helps brands gauge and map the success of their campaigns and branding efforts.

The second market research format is qualitative. It seeks answers in a more direct manner, via focus group discussions, face-to-face interviews, observational studies, etc. In general, you do not have to choose one over the other. Most often, brands combine the two forms to optimize their strategies and approach. A common thread is the key role that measurable and tangible objectives play.

Hitting the mark

This kind of focus determines the scope of your research. It ensures you are not stumbling in the dark and wasting resources, but working towards gathering and processing pertinent data. Therefore, to maximize values, decide what indicators to follow. If you want to monitor the effectiveness of sales across the funnel or understand consumer preferences by doing paid surveys online. Is it important for you to check how your competition is doing or does it make more sense to sift through newspaper reports and government data?

There is a slew of other sources and avenues to explore, so take your time.

Also, bear in mind that research can be conducted in all stages of a business lifecycle, from pre-launch onward. One of the main goals is to always grasp the big picture— the broad overview of your brand. To be more precise, you are supposed to gain a deeper understanding of your target market, as well as your own strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. These actionable data strings allow you to allocate marketing dollars better and accomplish a better ROI. You are able to fill the void in people’s needs, delight them and win over their trust and loyalty.

A well-oiled machinery

In other words, you learn how to use language that people understand and transmit messages that resonate with them. You become aware of the practical problems that wait to be solved. Along similar lines, market research enables you to find new or better use for your products and services. You can avoid your campaigns falling on deaf ears. Finally, research gives you a real fighting chance: your company is empowered to keep up with market trends and maintain a competitive edge.

All in all, the benefits of insights gained from market research reach far and wide. On the broadest scale, you get a new strategic perspective and pave the way for faster and more sustainable brand expansion. You are in a position to manage brand reputation and authority through constant innovation and improvement. That is to say that it pays off to focus on pain points and problems.  Many brands struggle to handle proper targeting, speak with a distinctive voice, achieve consistency across channels and address bad customer experiences.

Therefore, assess whether your organization faces such issues. Remember that each new cycle provides some answers, but it also opens up new questions. Thus, you should keep an open mind and remain flexible. That way, you are primed to outmaneuver competitors and spur growth.

Get the most bang for your buck

When making key marketing decisions, it is best to let facts and figures run the show. They are never set in stone, so begin the journey knowing it entails constant learning and improvement. If you really mean business, there is no other option than to use market research every now and then as a reality check. Define your objectives, tap into various sources and employ advanced analytics. Keep your fingers on the pulse of the target market. Fine-tune branding strategies and campaigns, inform your decision-making and fix pressing issues. Boost your authority and exposure to rise above the competition.

Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor Orana Creative and BizzMark Blog.

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