How to Use Mockups to Showcase your Products and Merchandise

by | Sep 2, 2017 | blogging, branding, business

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There is a Mockup for Everything

Using mockups to showcase your products is the best way to show them off without the need of a professional photoshoot. Graphic Designers use mockups all the time to show their clients how a design will look “in real life”.  The most common mockups are the ones for devices, t-shirts, mugs and flatlay photography for social media graphics.

Mockups usually come as .psd files that you can edit through “smart objects”. This means that using Mockups for your products, merchandise and designs is very easy and quite practical. The photography is impeccable and the photoshop files are usually clear and easy to navigate.

Around the web you can get mockups of all kinds, free ones, paid ones, even some automated mockup creators. In this post I will try and show you all the possibilities!

What kinds of mockup are there?

Here are some ideas on how you can use them for your projects!

Device Mockups (phones, laptops and tablets)
Device mockups are so versatile! They come as either stand alone devices or staged in a scene like a desk or in someone’s hand. These are used to showcase products like websites design, app design, social media marketing, and actually whatever you’d like to show on a screen, even a screenshot works well in a device mockup.

Clothing Mockups (t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, caps)
Clothing mockups are great when you want to sell all sorts of t-shirts with your designs. This is a great way of making some extra cash. You can sell your shirts via Amazon and through your blog. Using mockups will help you promote your awesome designs!

Logo Mockups (business cards, letterheads, tags)
These kinds of mockups are used mostly by designers for showcasing their logo designs in different styles. You can use these if you are designer and want to show off your designs as they would look in “real life”.

Branding (style guides, stationery)
Branding mockups are really versatile because the don’t just work for setting up a branding style. They also come in set where you can move the elements on the scene and make an endless combination of scenes. These work great for social media sharing graphics!

Social Media (Instagram quotes and stories, headers, featured images)
Using mockups for your social media graphics saves so much times it’s ridiculous. You can use them for social media channels, even Instagram Stories!

Why not use mockups on your next project? They can even work as Blog Post Titles and Social Media Sharing graphics! Scroll down to see all the Mockup Bundles I have found for you!

First off; some amazing Mockup Bundles and Collections from my favorite creative asset and font websites; DesignBundles, Creative Market and the HungryJpeg!

How do Smart Objects work in Professional Mockups

Like I mentioned before, customizing the mockups to fit your brand and inserting your graphics and images is quite easy because these mockups are made by professionals and they use something called “smart objects”. In Photoshop, the smart object will be marked with an icon and all you have to do is insert your graphic and it will automatically take the right shape and angle of the mockup!

Here  on the right is an article that can help with specific instructions. Just click on the image.

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No Photoshop?

I get it, not everyone has photoshop. There are some online web applications that you can use to insert your graphics in mockups. They aren’t as pretty as the ones I showed you earlier but something simple is good enough!

  • PlaceIt – This generator has lots of options, mostly for devices and advertisement in all sort of settings.
  • MagicMockup – This generator has only devices but with nice backgrounds and settings.
  • Ten MORE Free Mockup Generators with lots of options.

Let us know how you make your mockups! Did we miss any cool mockup makers or products? Leave us a comment!

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