The visual importance of branding your graphics

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Missy  Author + Skoolie Specialist

Do you own a blog? Are you branding your graphics?

Read the story of how Missy’s  blog and business grew as soon as she branded conscientiously. Missy and I are part of a blog coaching group called Have Your Cupcake, ran by Daniela Uslan.

As I grew my blog and started offering design for bloggers, Missy also grew hers and now has a booming bus transformation business thanks to purposeful branding!

Where was Orana Creative when I started blogging over a year ago?!

My blog and images were in desperate need of her services. It took me close to a year to get consistent clickable graphics through lots of trial and error. Error being the opportune word.

You see, when I first started blogging I was just like many hobby bloggers. I didn’t realize that my images needed to have a similar feel and be consistent. Blogging was something that I enjoyed and I didn’t think much about the design aspect. By putting a logo on an image, I thought it would get shared on social media. True it might get shared, but not have enough repins or shares to make a profitable difference.

Once I decided to start taking my blogging seriously, I searched and searched for ideas on how to increase my audience and blog traffic. One of the first things I learned was that people needed to recognize my blog on social media sites via my graphics.  Not knowing much about branded graphics here was my first attempt at trying to make my images more consistent. (see image on the side)

It’s okay to laugh and snicker. Remember, Orana Creative wasn’t taking clients yet. As you can see, these were not much better. They lacked the “hey click me factor” and looked like my 12-year-old came up with the design. The image was NOT portraying professional feel.  After spending a few days researching, I realized that branding an image was more than just a simple logo, a font, and a frame.


[ctt template=”5″ link=”B8b0s” via=”no” ]Branding an image is more than just a simple logo, a font, and a frame around a photo. Why are they important though?[/ctt]

The images needed to evoke a feeling that went along with my blogging niche and the images needed to be consistent. My images were in desperate need of some style. I got together with a designer friend and this is what the images look like now.

The images have a more cohesive and simple design. Once we decided on a template for the post images, we branded the blog and my social media sites. We chose a call-to-action color that provided readers with a clearer direction. We added a new set of lines and patterns that allow us to create collections of graphics for different types of content.

This subconsciously tells my readers what type of content is being presented without having to necessarily spell it out for them. They come to recognize which branded images belong with which type of content. On the other hand, having all the blog post images branded the same way has helped build brand recognition, especially on Pinterest.

It’s easy to see which posts belong to my blog just by the placement of the logo, the fonts, colors, and accents that I use on each image. Not only has it increased my reach and built trust with my readers, but it has streamlined the process of creating graphics. With online software, such as Canva, we can create templates that are plug-in ready, saving time and brain power.

Missy Miller

Missy Miller

Guest Author, Skoolie Master

Missy Miller

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