How do you know if you are ready to outsource tasks in your business?

by Dec 25, 2016

What is outsourcing

Hiring other people to take care of things that you either have no time to do or really have trouble with. Hiring someone full or part time differs from outsourcing in that they are not your direct employees and you don’t need to put them on a payroll. You can see outsourcing as hiring freelancers, even if you hire someone through an outsourcing service, they will still be freelancers.

You might feel that no one will do the work as well as you. But where does that take you? To burnout, exhaustion, frustration and ultimately not towards the business goals you are aiming at.

Make sure to download the FREE Ultimate Outsourcing Checklist with over 20 possible things you can outsource! It comes with instructions and how to read the results. And as a bonus it has a directory of freelancers who would be happy to help you.

Can you relate?

Let me tell you a little story

A mom, like you or me maybe, has been a stay at home mom for quite a few years taking care of toddlers and the house and all the madness that entails. After a while she decides she needs to make some money, out of necessity or because not producing is detrimental to her very existence.

She will tap into her past career, can it be salvaged? She will think of new ideas, things that can be done from home. She might be a great calligraphist, or a wonderful felt animal creator, a baby clothes designer, a stamp maker; or she might be more digitally inclined and do things like web development, graphic design, video editing, voice over work. All these are things that can be considered as Work from Home jobs.

Once she starts her new “from home” business, she gets her first clients and tasks start to pile up,  the days are short and she has to steal time from her kids just to get that design finished, or that tweet sent out, or that web proposal emailed on time. There isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done, on top of all the things she has to do for kids and the home.

She starts getting frustrated and thinking that she will never be successful and her work from home idea was a bad one to begin with.

This is when she (you, me) needs to outsource some of the work! Hiring a nanny/cook/maid combo is also outsourcing BTW!

Who can benefit from outsourcing?

Anyone who owns a business from home!

Mom Biz Bloggers, Etsy sellers, Affiliate marketers, Mompreneurs, Graphic Designers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Start Ups. If you have a business and you want to be successful, you have to outsource. It’s called delegating, growing, expanding, being a total boss!

Don’t you want to feel like your small business is making a positive difference in your life? What’s the point of putting all that effort in it if you are constantly frustrated with limited time and results?

Start outsourcing today!


How do you know what to outsource? 

Technically you can outsource any part of your business, so to help I created the handy checklist to help you figure that out.

First of all, let’s go through the things you probably already outsource and haven’t even realized. Your webhosting, the template you bought, the social media scheduler you paid for, the email automation system. They might not be an actual person doing it, but a person created it and therefore you outsourced them.


See? It’s nothing to be scared of. All small business owners that have taken that step forward and started to delegate have noticed remarkable growth in sales. It’s the classic conundrum of investment for gain.

Why am I, a designer talking about outsourcing?

Because I am the mom in the story! I have been there, in that spot where things start getting out of hand! I made myself a checklist like the one I made for you and it helped a lot to get me on the right track!

You know what I figured out?

That I needed a house maid/nanny/cook combo! My favorite outsourced work ever. Then I realized I  needed help with Social Media and sorted that. After lots of comments from readers that I always had typos, I hired proofreaders, and then when creating Rock your Visuals I needed help with organizing the launch and marketing and so I hired a business coach.

What are you going to outsource? Make sure you grab this list with over 20 possible things you can outsource, including an explanation of how to use and read the chart, and a directory of people you can hire right now to help you grow your business!