How to Create a Home Office You’ll Actually Want to Work In

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Being a freelancer comes with one of the greatest benefits – working from home. However, although you have an opportunity to enjoy all those homey comforts, you still need a work environment where you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. Only when you design a stimulating and inspiring home office will you be able to achieve the best results. Creating a perfect home office entails finding a balance between comfort and formality and designing a space that will enhance your motivation and creativity.


Living the Freelance life – Choose a spot for privacy

Working from home often erases the boundaries between your personal life and business, which can have a negative effect not only on your productivity, but also on your stress levels. Thus, it’s important that you find your own private corner that you’ll use as a home office. Whether it’s a separate room or an empty area under the stairs, this should be your space. Not only should you keep your work limited to this area, but you should also explain your family members that your office is “off limits”.
When choosing a room for your home office, you should find one that will be separated from the rest of your home to some extent. This way, you’ll be able to eliminate distractions and minimise noise. Most importantly, pick a space where you feel comfortable and inspired rather than agitated or too relaxed.


Creating a perfect home office – Plan for efficiency

Once you’ve found the spot for your home office, you should start planning its layout. The key principle here is functionality. You need to find an office layout that will enable you to move around easily and have everything within reach. So, for example, if you use the printer a lot, you should keep it nearby so that you don’t have to get up every few minutes. You should also invest in a wireless system, which will provide you with more flexibility. Your office layout should promote your work efficiency by enabling you to get in and out of the work mode quickly and easily.


Clean and declutter for organization

Organisation is key in a home office and one of the crucial factors that can affect your productivity. From your desk to your shelves, every corner of your office should be clean and clutter-free. In fact, every item in your office should have a place and a purpose, which will enable you to maintain an atmosphere of order and organisation. Your desk, in particular, shouldn’t be cluttered up, so make sure to include just the essentials. There’s plenty of desk organisers for phones, pens, notes, etc., that you can use to give your desk an organised look.

Hygiene is also important in a home office, so make sure to clean your work corner meticulously. Keep in mind that there might be numerous hidden dangers, such as mould, mites, grout, etc. To create a healthy environment, you can always hire a professional to help you out. If you have a stunning tile backsplash, an expert will be able to remove stains and grout effectively and safely. The same goes for carpets and area rugs – experts will make sure that they are toxin-free.

Light it up for productivity

Numerous surveys have shown that lighting is one of the most important design elements in a workplace, be it a home or commercial office. Adequate lighting can improve your focus and enhance your sense of well-being. Natural light, in particular, is the most effective, so you should find a way to maximise it in your home office. From placing your desk by the window to removing heavy curtains, welcoming natural light will keep you focused and positive.
As for artificial lighting, it’s as important as natural light and even more so if your office lacks sunlight. Adequate office lighting entails installing several sources of light, including the general, task and accent lights. While a desk lamp will provide you with enough focused light, an overhead fixture will illuminate the entire office. However, you should avoid placing it directly above the computer because it can cause glare.


Furnish for comfort

Ergonomics is the most important factor to consider when furnishing your office. Feeling comfortable will enable you to stay focused and work for a longer period of time. Thus, you should invest in a comfortable chair that will provide you with great back support while also embellishing your office. When it comes to your desk, you should opt for a spacious one with enough drawers. You can also go with an adjustable standing desk that will enable you to switch between positions.


Design for inspiration

When decorating your home office, you should opt for just a few simple, but impactful details that will reflect your personality and spark your creativity. Enchanting artwork, beautiful clocks, motivational posters, energising plants, decorative boxes and DIY accessories can all give your personal touch to your office and help you come up with creative ideas.
However, you should be mindful of colours because they can affect your mood and productivity. A subtle colour scheme for the backdrop in combination with colourful accent details is one of the most stimulating options.

Designing a stunning home office will help you stay focused on work, get your creative juices flowing and help you reap all the benefits of working from home.

Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing. He’s interested in real estate and home decor. In order to spend more time with his family, Cooper decided to take a break, and he’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecorator and several other sites.

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