Every business knows the power of marketing. With strategic advertising and a marketing team, your company can find more leads and improve sales. However, marketing is evolving in 2020 and marketing professionals like Eyal Gutentag are taking advantage of the newest trends. Avoid falling behind the curve with these tips.

The Digital Shift

The effects of the pandemic solidified the switch to online shopping for many companies. With so many people using the internet as their main source of shopping, digital marketing has never been more important. Marketing managers have let go of traditional methods and are now finding ways to use online advertising to their advantage.

SEO is a Gamechanger

One of the best ways to market online is by using SEO tactics. The only way for users to find you while searching is to appear on the first page of searches. Getting high rankings for search queries involves the optimization of websites, content marketing and quality writing.

Search engines want to find the best sources for readers. This means the content must be formatted well and readable. However, optimizing meta tags, using keyword-rich headers and other SEO tactics can improve your search rank as well.

Social Media is Only Growing

A decade ago, hardly any companies knew of the power of social media. Today, your business can benefit from the influence of these online platforms. With a strong online presence, you can influence customers and find leads by creating posts and running ads.

2020 Can Be Your Year

Interested in improving your marketing game? If you haven’t created a digital footprint yet for your business, that’s the first thing on the list. Update your website and help interested customers find you with accurate contact information. Post quality content to start boosting traffic and use the power of social media to improve lead generation. With a little time and effort, your marketing strategy in 2020 can be a great asset to your company.