The Omakase Insiders are everywhere; in city studios and country farms, 5-star restaurants, and streetside stalls, designing office buildings and making music by the beach. They are individuals whom we’ve chosen to join the ride because they are unique, interesting, and fun.

You’ll meet a curated selection of insiders on every Omakase jaunt. Their purpose is to accompany you and curate all the moments that will turn into memories.


Curator and Flaneur

Travelling, great traveling, is not only about curiosity; It’s about being able to problem solve as you go along. After all, what is travel if not pure risk-taking? On the road, one must be ready to be patient, persistent, ready to meet the different, the quirky, and the bizarre. We must be ready to accept otherness.

I began this journey of exploration early, skipping school to ride a bus to the end of the line and back again. During the winter in 1992, I landed in Moscow via cargo plane wearing only shorts and flip-flops and a smile I couldn’t wipe off. It’s experiences like these that make up the foundation of every adventure.

Well into my forage of the world, I somehow managed to build a career in travel. But my passion is not within the walls of an agency office, it’s out on the streets, with the people, in the underbelly of every possible location around the world. For the last 17 years, my wife and young children have come along for the ride. 

It’s my belief that all great journeys must have an element of surprise, actually, the more unexpected situations the better. I thrive by embracing the unforeseen. My mission is to share this sort of experience with those who are seeking it, knowingly or not. I believe that when people choose to trust insiders to curate moments, a few days or a few weeks can easily change someone’s life or at least their perception of it.



Curator and Flaneur

During the Summer of 1998, I left home to go on a trip and simply kept on going. What for most people is to travel, it’s simply the life I know. I’ve found that when exposed to the unknown, I can truly live my potential. Unimaginable situations bring me to really experience where my mind is in that moment and transform myself in all dimensions. Through my experiences, I can see how my perception of reality is transformed and how concepts like identity, comfort, strangeness, home, borders, races, social interaction, etc. find themselves with new definitions.

I am comfortable in what is qualified as weird situations and feel good when I have no idea where I am and what’s going on. Discovery and curiosity take me to crazy places and situations and to live in various parts of the world where I learn and master skills to navigate in those realities. How can you enjoy the deeper layers of the ocean if you don’t know how to not breathe?

I value the true magic of connecting with people. How humanity is so diverse and rich. How one single human being can change your life in so many ways. I found happiness in diversity in all forms and in the unexpected. It’s inspiring how dedicated humans can be, how much love and passion you find on this planet, and how people are sincerely happy to share when they feel connected to you.

How much art and beauty you can experience in every little corner? How little we know and how much there is to live and how many possibilities there are to be had! It’s a limitless and infinite journey.