Pixelo’s The Faery Design Bundle Features Over 3,800 Awe-Inspiring Photoshop Overlays, Swatches, and More for $19!

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You can never have enough overlays and tools in Photoshop. For every specific design situation, you can definitely find an add-on to improve and create your desired design outcome.

Pixelo truly understands the needs of every digital artist and designer out there. Collaborating with FaeryDesign’s Ada, the biggest resource for computer-based art recently launched its Faery Design Bundle.

What makes it special? You get 3812 unique add-ons for Photoshop in total. These add-ons focus on adding image-enhancing objects to photos. In addition, you get hundreds of brushes, filters, and palettes you can use for any design. You can have The Faery Design Bundle’s features with an extended use license. This means you can use it on any commercial and personal project!

This bundle comes highly recommended because of the rich assets and tools it can give to any digital artist. What’s more, you can buy the entire bundle, which is worth $1,061, for a mere $19 today.


What You’ll Get In This Bundle

11 awe-inspiring Photoshop add-on categories

Over 1,045 scene-enhancing Photoshop overlays

831 special brushes divided into two categories

1936 colorful Photoshop palettes specifically chosen for digital painting

An extended license on all bundle features




Image-Enhancing and Render-Ready Photo Overlays

Each of the overlays in the Faery Design Bundle is ready for you to download and use. All overlays come in JPG and PNG formats.
To ease the learning curve, Pixelo has included the layers of each overlay in this package with notes on adjusting certain parameters.

Take a look at some of the 29 overlay categories included in this bundle.

Abstract Waves

Colourful sine waves evoke sophistication and elegance. Any design that needs an attention-grabbing enhancement will need abstract waves.

The playful, waving flow will introduce image direction and a fantastic, innovative character. Abstract Waves is an essential overlay for graphic designers and artists that need to introduce a unique yet useful product.


The geometric symmetry of fractals allows its assets to highlight the photo’s subject when you use it as an overlay. In The Faery Design Bundle, you get dozens of fractal variants, each with their own character and shape.

These fractal overlays come in 5k and 8k resolution sets to give you the sharpest, well-detailed final image possible.

Geometric Backgrounds

Add a square to frame the subject in your photo. Better yet, draw a wispy circle that highlights the focal point of an image. Whichever shape you need to achieve the aesthetic your image needs, you have every geometric background available in The Faery Design Bundle.

High-Tech Squares

The Faery Design Bundle comes with a Bokeh-style geometric overlay called High-Tech squares.

The outer regions of this overlay show differently-colored squares blurring at random introducing a Bokeh effect.

The overlay achieves a tech-style overlay similar to a robot’s heads-up display. However, you can use it to achieve a unique aesthetic for your work.

Microchip Cities

Focusing more on the tech side of things, microchip cities appear as colored circuit boards.

However, they achieve a unique, innovative, and sophisticated design when you use them as photo overlays.

This category has multiple geometric shapes in each overlay available.

Beautiful girl standing on the balcony, she was wearing a gentle blue dress that develops in the wind, a very long dress.

A Huge Selection of Digital

Painting Palettes

Today’s digital artists can make portraits that appear very realistic. An effective palette is the key behind these amazing portraits.

Now, you can do it too! The Faery Design Bundle has over 1,936 Photoshop palettes dedicated to each part of the human body. Here are some of them:

Handpicked Eyes Swatches For Realistic Renders

The eyes are the windows to the soul. To give portraits a soul, they will require excellent detail.

The Faery Design Bundle’s 330 well-organized eyes swatches give you a palette capable of painting every small detail. From the eyebrows to the reflection of objects on the retina, you have the best tools at your disposal.

Photo-Realistic Skin Swatches

Most digital artists find skin painting a difficult art to master. However, with over 600 skin swatches for 30 real-life skin tones, you won’t have any issues achieving realistic skin colors!

Freckles, Swatches For Realistic Facial Blemishes and Features

If you’re planning to create a freckled character, then you get 45 freckle palettes ready for use. Every small detail on your character’s face becomes easier to achieve with Pixelo’s Faery Design Bundle.

Elegant and Glamorous Lip Swatches

Whether it’s a noir red lippie look or something gold and glamorous, you’ll find everything you need in the 171 lip swatches in The Faery Design Bundle.

Even if you need glitters or gold lipsticks, the bundle has these swatches just for you.


Couture Brushes Ready for Clothing Designs

The Faery Design bundle includes 240 dynamic brushes that help you appear the texture of different cloth and fabric.

Do you need a wedding dress for your character? You can find the right brush to get the job done. You can even use the brushes to create the realistic snug and warm look of sweaters and windbreakers too!

An Ultra Glamorous Pack of Jewel Brushes

With over 134 dynamic brushes to choose from, you can create different types of realistic adornment on your digital paintings. Whether you need a simple gold ring or a treasure chest full of gold in your center frame, these brushes definitely help you achieve the glamorous and rich texture of realistic jewelry.

Create Innovative and Groundbreaking Designs With Artistic Brushes

The Faery Design Bundle also gives you tools that you can use for any kind of design. If you’re in need of fresh ideas, just pick one out of the 134 unique dynamic brushes and start painting.

The brushes in the bundle can paint uniquely-shaped wisps, fragment-style stippling patterns, and more unique styles.

The Faery Design Bundle is Definitely a One-Stop Resource!

What are you waiting for? For just $19, you get more than 3,800 of the best overlays, brushes, and other assets to ignite your creativity and get you started on your next project.