The best resources for your visual strategy – photos, graphics, and more

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Your Visual Strategy is important!

Visuals are one of the most important part of your business’ success.

Visuals means graphics, photos, collages, infographics and videos. When you are serious about your visual strategy, you have to make sure everything is of good quality and memorable.

We aren’t all amazing photographers, myself included. Our personal photos won’t always be the greatest looking; that’s why “the gods of the internet” created stock photography, vectors and illustrations.

The possibilities of visuals you can attain online are endless.
I have put together my all time favorite resources for you to browse through.

Be prepared you will lose (or gain) a few hours of your day by discovering all these resources

Online graphics editors

First of all you need a trusty graphics editor where to create your visuals.

I personally use a few different editing programs to make my graphics.

My all time favorite is Visme but I also use Pixelmator and Photoshop for more detailed work. I sometimes make icons and illustrations but I also buy artwork online and use them to create my own compositions. Other great options available are Venngage, Snappa, and Stencil.

The Visme editor is  like Canva, but better. My favorite part is the Brand Kit where I can keep all my branding things like my logo, fonts, favorite backgrounds and icons. I can also keep my favorite templates to use over and over. You would do yourself a favor and get this editor if you prefer creating your graphics online and fast. If you have a marketing them, then this is a no brainer. 

And yes, this is a sales pitch cause I love them.

I am Orana,
your Visual Strategist.

Stock Photography 

Stock photography is one of the greatest resources for bloggers and small businesses alike. There are tons of photos you can get for free, but as you might well imagine the free photos are used a lot. If you have some extra money, invest in buying the premium images so that your graphics can be more special.

Still, even if you can only get the free photos, there are ways to make them your own. By doing a couple edits you can brand the stock photography and make it look different to that what it looks like for everyone else. For example; you can crop the image, put a filter on it, apply a flat or color overlay, blur it, or a combination of all of them. If you want to go more in-depth with these ideas why not check out my article on Freepik on how to customize stock photography to make it look special.

Below you will see a list of my favorite places to get free stock photos.

There are plenty more but these are my personal favorites. There are also photos you can use inside the Visme editor, but they are mostly from Unsplash. The titles are links to the pages for you to  see the offer each page has.

  • RawPixel

    My favorite FREE image resource. The photography is not only beautiful but it's also licensed for you so use for Commercial Use, free of charge. The photos even come with a signed model release if you need it. My favorite part of Rawpixel is the Public Domain section, because you can use those for anything. I make products on Society6 with them.

  • Pixabay

    A good place to find free photos but it's quite popular so the photos are being used by lots of people. Make sure you edit the photo to fit your brand.

  • Unsplash

    Almost every blogger's favorite Free image site. The photographs are very nice and pretty. They are really big so can be used whole or cropped without losing quality. All photos on Unsplash are free but you can donate to the site to keep it running.

  • Kaboompics

    This site is another of my favorites because you can search by color. The photos also come in sets or photoshoots so if you like one photo but not the angle you can probably find another similar to it.

Backgrounds, Icons and Fonts

If you like creating your own backgrounds or Social Media images then you know that you always need some little extras to create the right image. Shapes, illustrations, icons, little things you can copy and paste to create your perfect graphic, always come in handy. Using interesting fonts and add-ons is always fun.

I don't agree with loading your blog with all sorts of fonts, but I do think that you can be a little eclectic on a place like Instagram. While keeping your brand style, you can change the fonts around to suit for you mood.

Just don't do it on your Social Media Headers and things like that. Those need to stay on brand!

There are some sites that offer amazing graphics bundles full of goodies to make great graphics. Some even come with mockups with smartphones, computer and laptops for you to add your screenshot or ad inside the screen. Backgrounds come in all different kinds and don't have to be used just as backgrounds but can be cut into shapes and even turned into letters if you are using photoshop, or Visme.

Below are clickable images to my favorite resources.


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