Why does your small business need a blog?

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Shari  Author + Virtual Assistant

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Why is a blog important to a small business?

Many large corporations often have a blog of some kind where they discuss their expertise, their knowledge of the industry and even just a way to announce news to those interested in them. These blogs can have numerous teams working on them so for a small business owner it can seem a waste of time. However, a blog is the perfect marketing tool for any small business, it can help them stand out in the crowd and increase the chance of returning customers.

How you ask? It’s quite simple.

Stand out from the crowd.

Each business has its own Unique Selling Point (USP) but it is not always easy to advertise this to consumers, especially in the noisy atmosphere of social media where you have all of 10 seconds to catch and hold someone’s attention. With a blog your consumers come to you expecting to read an article, usually around 500 – 1200 words, so their attention span lasts a lot longer than a quick status update in Twitter or Facebook. You can use the blog post to not only discuss your business and the industry in which you work but you can also use it to strategically sell your USP.

Using appropriate visuals will help boost your individuality from competitors. Informative infographics and embedded social media posts will boost engagement, your readers will feel inclined to share your content on different social media channels. Making your blog, stand out from the crowd.

Prove you know what you are selling.

How many posts do you see a day in social media of someone guaranteeing to be the best of the best, they know it all and can help you achieve all your goals? Do you take their word for it or do you research it?

I personally research them.

I look at their social media platforms and their website to see exactly what it is their offering and I look for their blog. Their blog can tell me exactly what it is they know, and how informative they are on the topic. Using a blog as a small business helps consumers who are researching you gain confidence in your abilities. If you know how to screen print artwork in a way that guarantees long lasting products, then use your blog to show people how you do this. That way consumers are given an insight in to what you do and how capable you are of doing it. YouTube videos work well for this, but having it written down with pictures can work just as well.

Using your blog to answer commonly asked questions about your business can put people’s minds at rest and save them the time of emailing and asking you a million questions, placing you as a figure of authority in their eyes. This is particularly important in the services industry.

Be friendly, chatty yet informal.

One major point of advice I was given through several courses I have attended was that a blog can be like a conversation, use it to chat with your consumer yet be informative about your business too. A blog does not need to be a typical newspaper article providing the stone cold facts.

A blog allows you the freedom to chat about upcoming events you are attending, new products or services you plan to introduce or even allow the consumer to get to know you better. People buy from people and you can help them get to know you better and relate to you through your blog posts.

What are the best technical aspects of a blog?

A blog can help build a better relationship between you and your consumers, it can also highlight your knowledge; but what else can the added work of constructing a blog do for you? It can attract a larger audience to your website and improve the SEO of your website!

As long as you provide regular ‘ever-green’ content – content that stays relevant – search engines such as Google will love it! Their algorithms are constantly on the lookout for fresh content, and if your website is seen as providing constant fresh content that is good quality and relevant to the keywords of your website then they reward you with good listings.

This in return can then increase the traffic to your website because more people are seeing you. Advertising your blog posts on social media and linking back to it can also increase the traffic to your site.  Visitors start off by visiting your blog and then head towards your shop/service pages, from there they can be led to your contact page. Place links within your blog content to your website pages, encouraging more visitors to your website itself.

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Shari Sant

Shari Sant

Guest Author

Shari is a Virtual Assistant for small business owners. Her Website is Red Rite UK
She is a single mum to three children. She started her business to support her family back in 2012, while still being there for her kids and working around her medical conditions. She love s family time and exploring their local environment; taking plenty of journeys to museums, farms and beauty spots. She loves to learn and constantly takes part in new diplomas, certificates and courses on top of her Business Management and Accountancy Degree. Her passion is helping others  obtain their goals and helping business owners organize their businesses. Her mind is always on the go with new ways to help people, promote businesses and looking for something new to learn. As a Virtual Assistant she can do all of these things and never lose the enjoyment of her job.