The 10 Most Creative Font Trends in 2019

by Apr 26, 2019Branding, Design Bundles, Fonts, pixelo


Fonts are an essential part of writing because they give uniqueness and speak a lot about every write-up. There are lots of font trends that can help give your design a quick and outstanding facelift if selected wisely.

As a designer, there are some fonts trends that you would want to try because they will give your work a good look. Writing beautifully well is a plus to art, and these fonts are useful in adding extraordinary beauty to your write-up.

Some of the trending fonts in 2019 are;

Messy fonts

This is one of the best trending fonts that have been considered to be beneficial because it comes with optimal beauty and uniqueness. If you are the type that easily falls in love with blocky, rough and beauty, then the messy font is a perfect option.

The messy font is never a hard task but an effortless, quick and beautiful. Neglect the carefree attitude and make messy font an essential part of your writing.


Headline fonts

This is another trending font that will make design worth doing in 2019. If you are looking for the perfect fonts for highlighting, adding extra sauce to your write-up and introducing beauty and uniqueness to your work than the headline fonts should be the right solution.

To make everything interesting, they come in all sort of sizes and shapes, i.e., regular and bold, homemade or sharp and sleek, big and small, rustic, italic or condensed.



Color fonts

The list won’t be complete without adding color fonts. It is of two forms, i.e., raster (non-scalable) and vector (scalable). They are SVG data that are stored in OpenType fonts; thus; this type of color fonts depends on the type of SVG data present.

One can only create color fonts using FontSelf on Photoshop. This type of font will promote your work in 2019.


Hansief fonts

Hansief is another font tends and typography trends to trend in 2019 from Kautsar Rahadi. Hansief front is a bold sans serif typeface that will add uniqueness and beauty to your work in 2019 if you give it a trial.

There are many trending fonts in 2019, but this particular font is useful for commercial and personal uses. It comes with awesome characters that will make your work stand out. In addition to the numerous features, it also comes with Latin characteristics making it possible for broader use.


Tuesday night fonts

These are handcrafted script fonts that are useful for so many applications. Also, they are perfect fonts that you should select when personalizing your products. They are free signature scripts derived from font forestry. Tuesday night fonts give your design an attractive look by adding beauty.

They can be used for logos, wedding invitations, decorative quotes, apparel, scrap, prints, and other designs. This is one of the font trends that are trending in 2019; why don’t you try it and enjoy Tuesday night fonts while till lasts.

Tradesmith fonts

The tradesmith font is a new type of vintage font from the 1871 project. This font can be considered as the combination of industrial and vintage with angled corners and squared characters. It will give you a top notched result if mixed with other fonts to form lockups, logos, branding, and many more designs.

Also, it comes in 4 styles; stamp, round, regular and rough. Tradesmith font gives a lot of options for your design.



This is a wet and inky brush type of script font from Nasir Udin. It is a little bit different from every other font because of its traditional vibe that makes writing more tradition and beautiful.

This comes with extra letters and many ligatures to give your designs a natural look. So what are you waiting for?



This is another essential fonts that are trending in 2019, and I think you need to include it in your design. Cunia is a similar font to Sans serif but with a slight difference that can be seen in the corners. This is designed by Alejo Bergmann.

It contains all numerals, capital letters and symbols thus making it a perfect font for numerous designs that include headlines, logotypes, banners and many more.

Aloja handwriting font

It is a free handwriting font that was formed my Leva Mezule and made into a whole my Krisjanis Mezulis. This front is one of the best graphics fonts in 2019 and can be used for events, big titles, invitations, posters, and websites. Also, it is easy to read and understand.



Evolving script fonts

This is the rebranded script typeface that has been trending since the beginning of 2019. Script fonts are perfect font for all sort of design from posters, invitation, prints and many more. They come in different shapes and sizes. Don’t you think it is an option for your type of design work?

Some of the top best font trends trending in 2019 have been discussed, but it should be noted that every font discussed is suitable for numerous designs; thus you will find one or more useful.