The best apps for Digital Nomads

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Hey Digital Nomads and Slow Travelers! Check out the best apps for digital nomads that will be your best companions wherever you’re working from.

If you’ve ever had to work while on the road, then you’re likely familiar with how hectic things can get. Keeping track of several different tasks at once and getting things done on time requires some sharp organization and focusing skills.

The good news is that technology can help you keep things under control, even if you’re thousands of miles away from your home base. 


The advantage of being a digital nomad is that you can work wherever you are. All you’ll need to work remotely is your portable device and an Internet connection. But one of the challenges of getting work done far away from home is finding a suitable location. This is where Workfrom can help.

They offer a free crowdsourced database of locations you can sit down to get some work done. You can further refine your search by specifying certain preferences. This will help you find places with like low noise levels, fast Wi-Fi, accessible power outlets or lots of natural light.

For most cities, you’ll find plenty of locations that are accessible to the public. You can choose from restaurants, coffee shops, lounge areas, libraries and so on. You will also see some listings for private co-working spaces that you can rent by the day or week.

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TunnelBear VPN

Wherever you decide to do your work from, you’ll have to think about the security of your devices. For one, be aware that connecting to public Wi-Fi can pose a threat to your data. Since these networks aren’t encrypted, hackers can intercept any data you send or receive.

This is why you should use a virtual private network (VPN) like TunnelBear. This is a free app that lets you browse the Internet securely, no matter where you are. TunnelBear works by encrypting your connection to prevent data breaches. It also lets you access websites and online services that are blocked at your location.

The only drawback is that the free service only offers 500 MB of bandwidth. But, there is also a premium version you can upgrade to.

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Trello is a practical project management platform. If you’re part of a team, you can use it to work collaboratively. It can help you stay organized even if all the team members are scattered around the world.

The app features visual boards and cards to make it easier for everyone to keep track of what they’re supposed to be doing and when.

You can access Trello from any web browser without requiring any additional software. There are also iOS and Android apps to use the platform on your favorite mobile device.

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Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-based file storage and sharing services in the world. There’s a free edition for individual users, but you should definitely check out what the paid Dropbox Business plans have to offer.

The “Standard” plan gives you 2 TB of space per user and 120 days of file recovery. It has full integration with Office 365 and smart sync across a wide range of devices.

With two-factor authentication, you won’t have to worry about data security. The service is quite affordable too, with options for monthly and yearly billing.

However, take note that Dropbox Business is priced per user, with a minimum of three users. A team of several members would surely enjoy the more advanced sharing and collaboration functions. But, if you’re a freelancer or run a tiny company, the free edition is likely to suit your needs.

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Rescue Time

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of procrastinating every once in a while. Digital nomads, in particular, can be prone to wasting time on distractions and tasks that aren’t a priority. This is where Rescue Time comes to the rescue (pun intended).

Rescue Time is a time management app that runs securely in the background of your device. It keeps track of what you do and how much time you’ve spent doing it. For example, it keeps track of websites visited and applications used.

Once you know how you spend your time, you can reorganize to become more productive. You can also block distracting sites, set goals and alarms, and log offline time for tasks.

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World Clock

If you work with team members from different parts of the world, knowing their local time will come handy. You certainly don’t want to give a fellow colleague a ring at 3 in the morning. In such cases, the World Clock app will come in quite handy.

The app lets you see what time it is in over 5,000 locations worldwide. You also get information on moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, currencies & languages and more.

If you’re the type of digital nomad who frequently travels to many locations around the world, World Clock will also be very useful to you.

Google Translate

Another app you can bring to your worldwide travels is Google Translate. This is one of the best free online translation tools.

It supports several dozen languages and all you have to do is paste in a snippet of text or URL. Of course, just like any other AI-powered translation tool, it won’t be perfect. But it’s usually quite accurate for a free service.

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It’s quite common for digital nomads to use dozens of different cloud-based tools and apps when working on the road. Remembering all the passwords for every online service you use can become quite difficult.

Using the same password for everything isn’t a solution. If a hacker cracks your password for one account, they’ll be able to access all your other accounts.

A password manager such as 1Password is an excellent solution. It offers a secure way to store all your passwords. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. In addition to providing password storage, you also get 1 GB of space to store various kinds of files.

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Trail Wallet

For those digital nomads who need a way to keep track of their travel expenses, Trail Wallet is an app worth checking out. It’s an expense tracker for iPhone and iPad that has been specifically adapted for frequent travelers.

A simple and clear interface will help you organize your expenses for every trip. You can set a daily budget and keep track of your bills and receipts. At the end of chosen period, you can see a report of what you’re spending the most money on. This way you can pay closer attention to your budget.

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Final Thoughts

Being a digital nomad does come with many advantages, such as the freedom to do your work at any time and from any place. But keeping track of your work and staying organized can be a challenge for some remote workers. The good news is that there are many free or very affordable apps that can help.

What are your favorite apps for your Digital Nomad lifestyle? Share in the comments so we can add it in!

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