The Magic of a Creative Mind

by Dec 19, 2016Design Tips, Social Media

Adding more to my Creative Mind 

(from Expat Blog to Design)

I am a creative soul to the very core; always creating something.

As an artistic creative I like starting things from scratch.

A blank canvas is the most exciting moment in an artists’ process.

With Orana Creative I am starting a new and shiny book. These words are the first paintbrushes on a mural sized canvas.

The possibilities of creativity are endless and I’m excited beyond belief.

I will write about what’s going on in my creative life.I am a creative expat mompreneur and that’s what I will write about.I will write about art, design, colors, composition, writing, creating. I hope to inspire you with some great articles.My greatest love right now is being Creative on Social Media. My favorite place to be creative is Instagram but you can really be creative on all Social Media channels.

I will show you some secrets on how you can do this!

Are you excited? I am!