To craft the adventure you crave, we’ve created the Omakase Way.

A process where together we set the stage and the Omakase insiders direct the scenes.

You are the star.


First impressions and dreamscapes

We get to know you, you get to know us. At this stage, you give us an overview of what you’d like to experience, some ideas of where you’d like to go, and the extent of your budget.


Roadmap conception

The Omakase team of insiders – your personal curators – put together a travel plan that will inspire you, surprise you, and might ultimately change your life.


Placing the pins on the map

You’ve entrusted your dreams to us and it’s our turn to deliver. When we present the roadmap to you, we will purposefully not give you the whole story. This is not an itinerary or a play by play, this is simply a script that we will follow, albeit loosely. 

This is the point where you have to trust us and let go.


Grand opening

When the grand day finally comes to open the doors to adventure, we ask you to come prepared to not be prepared. Ready to not be ready and expecting to not expect anything. 

The following days will be about impossible impossibilities and lots of other silly things we like to say on the daily.