Thousands in Tools and Resources for Designers : The Mighty Design Bundle

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Have you been searching for the best tools and resources for designers? I know I always do.

You can find tons of free textures, backgrounds, brushes, and fonts on the Internet. If you look hard enough, you’ll even find free ones you can use to ignite your creativity.

There is one downside to free stuff though: everyone’s using them! They’re excellent for awakening your creativity, but when it comes to unique designs, they can only do so much.

The web designer and digital artist resource website, Pixelo, always anticipates and understands the demand for unique, captivating designs. It is for this reason that they have released the Pixelo Mighty Design Bundle.

Featuring over 4,000 of the freshest brushes, textures, backgrounds and other elements, this is truly a powerhouse package for any designer.

The best thing about it: The Mighty Design Bundle costs only $39. Originally priced at $2,521, you only pay for the price of four textures in Pixelo’s digital store. What’s more, you can use all the designs you produce with a commercial license!

51 Font Families with 87 Design-Complementing Font Variants

70 Compelling and Creative Text Styles

2,987 High-Resolution Vectors Useful for Any Design

67 One-Click Photoshop Actions to Save You Some Design Time

9 Photoshop Tutorials to Upgrade Your Design Skills

500 Unique Backgrounds for Immediate Use

512 Textures for Custom Image Designs

681 New Creativity-Fuelling Brushes

19 Photoshop Mockups To Seal the Deal


Image courtesy of Pixelo

Convenient Photoshop Actions (for CS3 and Later)

Designers improve their skills to increase their productivity. However, studying new styles takes time.

Fortunately, Photoshop allows artists to share their methods with pre-recorded “Actions.”

Pixelo recognizes Actions’ usefulness to designers. Included in The Mighty Design Bundle are over 67 painstakingly recorded, detailed Photoshop actions to help you achieve the results you need shortly.

Here are some of them:

Elegant Retro: Want the old-school appeal of a magazine shoot? Think of the photos from Cosmopolitan or Vogue in the ’90s. That’s what you’ll get with Elegant Retro.

Majestic Action: In need of a high-contrast, sharp yet warm photo? Finding the right recipe takes time. However, The Mighty Design Bundle has a one-click Action that creates this result in an instant!

3D Screen Presentation: Sometimes, you need that 3D close-up effect for your photos. However, setting up a 3D-layered image takes time. The bundle has the Actions that achieve this effect quickly!


Element Building Textures

Even if you have 500+ free backgrounds from the Mighty Design Bundle, you’ll want to create one in your own style.

However, creating new assets is time-consuming. Fortunately, the bundle includes more than 512 textures in different sets.

Now you can create your own background with all these textures, which include:

10 Bokeh Textures: No need to go out with a camera or hire a photographer. This texture has everything you need when it comes to bokeh-style effects.

16 Blurred Treeline Textures: Nature photography that highlights its front element is also available in The Mighty Design Bundle

11 Fabric Textures: Perfect for DIY instruction websites, magazines, and even children-oriented imagery, you get over 11 high-resolution fabric textures.


Alluring Text Styles for All Purposes

Gone are the days most people used WordArt from Microsoft Word. Not only are the designs outdated, but people don’t really notice them anymore – they’ve simply lost their appeal.

Text styles grab the audience’s attention. It makes the font an artwork requiring no background imagery or additional features.

The Mighty Design bundle offers over 70 unique text styles suitable for any purpose.

Glowing Light: Any banner that needs an electrified neon glow will get the right look with the Glowing Light PS Text Effect.

Letterpress: Need a specialized, debossed effect? Letterpress is what you need!

Fancy Text Style: How about an eye-catching product label? You’ll find what you’re looking for in the Fancy Text Styles category.


Photoshop Tutorials to Improve Your Skills

Everyone needs to break out of their plateau at some point and learn something new. What if you can get so many design assets and have lessons at the same time?

That’s where The Mighty Design Bundle comes in. Your $39 will be spent not only on great assets but also on lessons covering different types of photo manipulation.

All videos are in high resolution and give full detail on achieving the following results:

Recolouring Black and White Photos: Take your grandparents’ old photos and add color to them!

Photos to Watercolour: Need a unique, watercolor-style image? Take a photo and turn it into a watercolor masterpiece.

Engrave Effects: Need a slightly vintage look? Learn it with the engrave effects tutorial!


Create Thoughtful Signature Designs with a Great Brush Selection

Brushes deliver the message of an artist in any artwork. Having a great selection of brushes makes it easier to communicate that message.

The Mighty Design Bundle features over 681 brushes compatible with Photoshop CS3 and later. These include:

Ash Brushes: These brushes deliver a rustic feel to any design.

Bokeh Light Effect Brushes: Sometimes, you just need those sparkling bokeh circles in your photo. But you don’t have time to make a shot. Here’s a brush that delivers the results you need.

Clouds: Just a blue background and you. What do you do? Draw clouds and create photo-realistic ones with this special brush!


The Most Beautiful Fonts That Are Artworks in Themselves

There are a huge number of fonts in The Mighty Design Bundle. If you think you’ve seen all the fonts and find them useful for any design, then you haven’t seen the following:

Eggplant: Perfect for DIY magazines and children’s books, this font is also useful for any homey, organic design.

Barberino: The perfect font for headers and old-style imagery. Just choose Barberino, and you’re all set!

Aria: If you’re looking for something a little Western but with clean, contemporary lines, Aria is everything you need.


Compelling Product Mockups to Seal the Deal

The Mighty Design Bundle features 19 amazing product design mockups. If you want to show your clients how your concept will look on paper and other materials, these mockups will help you secure that deal:

Business Presentation Mockups: From pamphlets to smartphones and high-resolution desktops, here’s the set you need.

Love Mockup: If you need that postcard- or greeting-card-style demo, this mockup is what you need.

Smartphone Mockup: Perfect for showing how your web design will look when someone views it on a smartphone. 

Get Pixelo’s Mighty Design Bundle now and improve your designs today!