Why you should use branded templates for your graphics

by Dec 25, 2016Social Media, Design Tips, templates

Save Time and Creative headspace

No matter if your blog is about food, family, travel, or beauty, your posts need to be accompanied by great visuals. You need images that will support your story and that can also be used for sharing on Social Media. Using branded templates for some of these visuals, not only saves time but also strengthens your brand.

How much time do you spend making the images for your blog posts?

Do you struggle with making them look appealing and clickable?

Branded templates are the solution to both those problems. 

Being able to use a template for image creation is a great resource.  You not only save  time, but also creative headspace. Once you have templates set up for all your image sizes, you just have to put in the title of the blog post and new background photo or accent icon.

The idea behind using a template is to keep your images “on brand” and cohesive with your blog or business. When all your images have a common look, your followers instantly recognize the image as yours. This helps you with engagement, recognition and a more loyal following.

What kinds of images can benefit from templates?

  • Blog Post TitlesGraphics
  • Instagram Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Blog and Social Media Headers
  • Quotes and Tips for Instagram or Facebook

How are blog graphic templates made?

If you like diy’ing your blog, there are plenty of free programs that help you make Blog Post Title Graphics and all sorts of Social Media images. Most of these come with templates for you to use. I recommend you create your own.

My favorite online template creating tool is Canva. There are two versions; Canva Free and Canva for Work. You can really do so much on the free version if you know how to use it. Read this article for more online editor options.

I create templates for my Blog Post Titles, my Instagram posts and my Pinterest images. I also create branded templates for other bloggers who feel like they don’t have the time or the creativity to be making their own.

What should always be in a template?

  • Your brand colors
  • Your fonts
  • Your logo
  • Icons that represent something about your brand or the article that the graphic is for
  • Your url
  • A clear title or message

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