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This is my unbiased review of the Visme presentation software. Creating presentations for your blog or business to then share on Slideshare and Linkedin can be a great way to get your knowledge out there in the online world. Visme is a great tool for your business, and here are more tools to keep your team on budget.

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A new way of doing things

Presentations have always been the go to way of showing off information in any professional or educational situation. Short or long, it doesn’t matter as long as the information is presented in a way that readers and watchers will understand and learn from. We learn to make presentations is primary school with Powerpoint in school computers and in study groups. The level of creativity that you can include in presentations is endless, especially with a powerful online editing tool like Visme.

I bet most of you never even considered creating presentations to complement your blog posts or even your website. Presentations could be a great addition to your Visual Strategy! I invite you to take a second look at what a presentation can do for your blog and business.

Definition of a Presentation

A Presentation is made up of slides that give information about a topic. Each slide containing enough information to be easily assimilated by the viewer. The first presentations were made on blackboards and then on poster paper pads that were flipped back to show the next “slide”.  People that do public speaking and give presentations to large groups of people or classrooms, still use “flipcharts”, which were the original inspiration for the Power Point program.

But you can’t really use a flipchart to promote your blog, ok you can if you really wanted to by filming yourself present with a flipboard. What I am trying to say is that you can actually do whatever you want to promote your blog and business and the more creative the better. Today let’s stick to digital presentations and how they can boost your engagement, your brand, your blog and your business.

The future of Creative Presentations

Most of us have made some kind of presentation on Power Point or Keynote for  a school or work project. These presentation makers hit a plateau in terms of creativity after you have been using them for years. You are not the only one to feel that way.

A few years ago, Payman Taei created Visme, an online tool for creating animated and interactive presentations and infographics. The tool is easy enough to use if you have little to no design skills. The builder is a drag a drop design with easy to follow layouts that you can make as interactive as you want with animated charts and other great features.

How can a presentation help your blog?

There are a few ways that you can use a presentation to promote your blog, your business and more specifically your knowledge of what you are writing about. HERE is an article about the ins and outs of Slideshare by Comms Axis that you will find quite useful as well.

  1. Embedding a presentation into your blog posts or landing pages.
  2. Sharing presentations on Facebook and other social media.
  3. Using it as support with a projector when you are speaking in public.
  4. Uploading your presentation to Slideshare on LInkedin

What should you put in these presentations?

The content in your blog posts can be turned into a presentation easily by cutting up the text and turning it all into a visual space with slides and graphics. Think of a presentation like a glorified Blog Post Title Graphic. Another idea is to use your mission statement and create a presentation about your blog as an entity. The presentation would be a super digital  business card. Can you think of an other way to use a presentation for your blog? Tell me in the comments.

The jump to Linkedin

LInkedin is the place to be if you really want to be professional with your blog. People will find you and hire you for their projects if they know that you know what you are doing. You could even do a presentation about your work. For example I could do a presentation of a branding and logo design process. Remember though, presentations should be informative and attractive at the same time.

You have all heard of Linkedin, but I’m pretty sure a lot of you haven’t heard of Slideshare, the sharing platform for all things knowledge, Slideshare is a part of Linkedin, and a very powerful part at that. Slideshare is the best place to share your presentations, infographics and even informational documents.

You can log into Slideshare via your Linkedin profile. Once you have uploaded your presentation to Slideshare, set it up to show on your LInkeding profile page so that people who visit can see your wonderful creation. Share it out via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to make sure more people see it.

The following is a tutorial video from the Visme You Tube channel. They have tutorials on most of the features and are very easy to follow. Create your next presentations with Visme and tell me in a comment how you liked it!

My Experience with Visme

I started using Visme last year after Payman and his team offered me a try out subscription to check out the program and see if I liked it enough to recommend in the International Bloggers Association Blog. It came at a time when quite a few other online editors approached me to review their program on my blog. Let me tell you that none of the others compare to what Visme can achieve.

I enjoyed making infographics, presentations, and some social media images on Visme. I can’t recommend you enough to get on board with this program and start making some epic presentations and infographics to showcase your blog, your business and your knowledge. Learn how Visme can help you create awesome infographics.

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