Awe Inspiring Visual Design Trends Shaping the Face of 2018

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Much like in fashion and other creative forms of expression, graphic design has experienced a few revivals of old, with a few modern updates to boot. But fear not, because in addition to these vintage trends, 2018 is also brimming with novel methods to keep those future-oriented minds happy. The colorful world of Visual Design is bringing some awe inspiring trends for 2018 and 2019. 

The spirit of “less is more” is still in vogue even in the realm of graphic design, but our love for finer, soulful techniques is once more rekindled with a few oldies with a contemporary twist. Think minimalism and vintage having a party together.

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A time-traveling palette

If you’ve seen any of the most recent work presented by fashion designers, you must have noticed a tendency to go back in time to enrich the canvas of the present moment. We’re talking about a shift towards using creamy hues such as delicate aqua or girly pinks in combination with darker undertones for effect.

You can also expect a greater focus on neon tones that were so loved in the ‘80s and the ‘90s, and paired with shapes and fonts that mimic this era’s preferences, they are a match made in heaven for visual thrill. If you’re in need for more inspiration, look no further than the likes of Oscar de la Renta for ingenious use of these particular shades.


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Micromovements for massive effect

Modern brands continuously look for ways to increase customer engagement, and it has become apparent that this can be achieved even through minute details that are part of your visual presentation. Take for instance, microinteractions, the latest trend in graphic and visual design to bring details to life and turn a mundane experience into a memorable, emotion-evoking one.

This is where minimalism truly shines, as using simplistic representations to attract attention will be a 2018 designer’s gem, whether it’s a simple home page button or a fun little animation representing an action. 


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Storytelling through photos

Authentic is a key descriptor of storytelling efforts in the world of graphic design, so it is no wonder that the Master Course in Visual Design at Raffles Milano underlines the importance of using reality to inspire, challenge, and create. No matter how huge those Instagram filters have become and will continue to grow, brands are about to return to the use of real-life images to connect with their audience.

Posing, staged photos, and fake naturals are about to be abandoned for the sake of unfiltered life at its best and boldest. Even a touch of blurry imperfection is more than acceptable, since it makes the composition more relatable than your typical “awkward cringe plus handshake” photos.

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Vintage wraps

Another passé that’s anything but will be the use of simplistic, graphic, sepia-toned illustrations for product packaging in particular. Some compare it to minimalism, but despite its deceptively simple application of a single hue and two-dimensional drawings, this design trend is more a reflection of a new mindset focused on pure and natural.

That is why this design approach is especially popular among brands that celebrate their all-natural ingredient lists, but it’s by no means limited to this niche. Adding a note of nostalgia and transparency, this retro drawing trend appeals to emotions and allows the brand to establish a connection with a particular audience, such as the Millennials.


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Double trouble

A versatile pool of optical illusions, dreamy blends, and surreal effects, using the technique of double exposure is not a new trend, but a growing one for 2018. It’s a perfect strategy to appeal to our imagination, to inspire contemplation, and even a masterful use of double exposure in dual tones can turn a regular design into a work of art.

While the classic duotone will be somewhat pushed aside to make room for more playful expressions with double lighting, and dual coloring in shadows, using duotone double exposure will aim to tap into our fantasy cravings unlike any other designer technique.

It appears that this is the year of reinventing past models to fit the needs of the modern brand and the modern human. However, in its essence, graphic design of 2018 looks back to its beginnings with more respect and appreciation than ever, once again ready to elevate them to a new level of visionary.


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Lillian Connors is a design aficionado, ever so keen on exploring fresh ideas to change the visual aspect of the things that surround her.

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