Website Design

I build websites with the DIVI Builder on the Divi Theme.  All websites are different, the price depends on the number of pages and intensity of design.

Just send me a message!

Why with the Divi theme and Divi builder?

I build websites with Divi because I like the range of customization the theme and the builder have. Also because the clients can learn pretty quickly how to add anything if they need to..


  • One page scrolling website
  • Multi-page website
  • Website + Landing page

What is my process?

  • All website designs are organize in a Trello Board
  • Tasks are assigned both to me and the client
  • Deadlines are set up so the creative process is not hindered by files not making their way to me.
  • Nothing is done via email, all on the Trello Board.
  • If you hate Trello, we can talk about another option.

 Landing pages 

Personalized Landing pages for your website to showcase your best products and get more sign ups
or sales.

What are Personalized Landing Pages?

Personalized landing pages are better than templates on the internet because they are unique to your website. They show up as the first thing a visitor sees on your site and can either sell a product or gather subscriptions to your newsletter. 


  • One branded and personalized landing page
  •  A set of three landing pages comes with a discount
All Landing pages include:

  • A designed graphic for your offer
  • Your branding
  • Your offer
  • A call to action
  • The set up in your website