Using CoSchedule for automating social media tasks has changed my life

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Let me tell you a story of how I finally started automating social media tastks with CoSchedule after years of putting it off.


I’ve been blogging for about 5 years but I have been writing for a lot more. In all those years of blog-keeping, I have tried all the things to make money from it. Some things worked, other didn’t. What I’m sure surprised about is how I managed to make it work without a social media automation tool. I did it all by hand, every day. A few times I had some people doing it for me in exchange for some design work but none of it compared to what I really wanted; A Coschedule Subscription.

This year finally took a turn for the better in terms of work and doing it all from my inbox just wasn’t cutting it anymore. With so much work I couldn’t keep up with social media anymore apart from Twitter so I decided it was time. Time to get started with the Coschedule app and their magic ReQueue system.

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How I’m using Coschedule

The first and most notable aspect of Coschedule is how it integrates with WordPress. Once I added the Coschedule app to my blog dashboard I started creating social media campaigns for my new and most read blog posts. I had heard from my colleagues at the International Bloggers’ Association about creating templates to save time. I made a couple of those and added them in to some of my old blog posts, along with a Requeue option for the best ones.

After a while I looked at how my calendar was looking and got really excited about the possibilities. I could see my blog posts and visual design offers making their way around without me having to send me out manually all the time.

What more will I do with Coschedule?

I am still figuring out the integrations for email, specially since I use Mailerlite but I think with Zapier something might work. For now I just love what it’s doing straight out of the box. I have a couple recurrent writers on the blog that I would like to organize with trello and also integrate with coschedule.

The team at the International Bloggers’ Association has been using Coschedule for a while so I hope to learn some more from them. It has been a lifesaver for the IBA and I hope it really helps me too. For now I am getting a subscription for Orana Creative but I hope to get a subscription for my other (the first) blog in the future.

I really want to be more productive with social media and I am really happy that I’ve finally managed to pull this off.


To an awesome year with Coschedule!


This post has affiliate links btw. So if you click on one of my links to Coschedule and get a subscription I will make a few bucks with no extra cost to you! Yay! Coschedule for everyone!

What about you?

Are you automating your social media yet? You might be like me and are still doing it by hand as a daily task. Are you using Coschedule too? Or maybe another app?

Tell me about it in the comments!

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