Why you should use Visme as your trusted graphics editor

by Jul 3, 2018Blog Graphics, Branding, Design Tips, templates, visme, visual design

First things first

These are the main reasons why I prefer Visme over Canva

  1. The handy tab that allows you to change the length of an infographic while designing it.
  2. The fact that the editor is like illustrator in the sense that you can have things outside of the main design area and they don’t disappear. They stay there just in case you need them later. When you download the finished design, everything outside the design area is ignored.
  3. That you can add audio to a presentation or infographic (even if I haven’t used it, it’s amazing and I might try it sometime.)
  4. The labeled and well-organized slides library which can be used for any type of design.
  5. The content blocks which are like lego for designing.
  6. The extensive Brand Kit.


My journey through all the graphics editors

As a graphic designer, writer and all around creative without access to the Adobe Cloud (thanks Sri Lanka) I have tried pretty much all the graphics editors available online. I could easily say that I have tried every single one. For a long time, I preferred Canva and that’s where all my blog graphic templates were for a very long time.

The first few years of blogging I couldn’t pay for any premium graphics editors because I didn’t have a credit card or even enough funds. That is why I used so many different free editors. For example, when I needed to have a transparent background, I would use picmonkey. If I needed to use a font that wasn’t in Canva, I would use Picmonkey as well. I made a few infographics with piktochart because I didn’t like the templates in Canva. I also tried other editors as an invitation from their creators in exchange for a review. None really inspired me to switch, until I got an email from Visme.

While I was trying out Visme, I started getting annoyed with Canva. I had started to find work creating templates for other bloggers and was given access to their Canva for Work accounts. I really liked how they had a brand kit and didn’t have to scroll for hours trying to find their logo in the uploads folder. But then I realized that all the graphics I wanted to use were charged, even with the Canva for Work account. That seems like cheating to me.


When I could finally pay for premium

A free version of any program will never be the same as a paid version. There are just too many constraining limits to what you can do with the free trials. I had already tried so many editors that I knew the only one that was deserving of my newly hard earned cash was Visme. I have been gradually moving my templates on Canva over to my account on Visme. I can even have them in a separate folder for brand templates which is more organization that I could ever have on Canva

My brand kit on Visme helps me get things done fast and easy.


All the good things about Visme

Now that I’ve told you why I love Visme over Canva and tons of other graphics editors, let me leave you with some evidence. Here is an infographic my friends at Visme made to show you just how much cooler Visme is.